It's official! WDW Honeymoon


I just booked 5 nights at Wilderness Lodge, courtyard view, Park Hopper, Waterpark & more, plus Dining (and airfare of course) for mid July. Belated honeymoon here we come!

DH told me that I could go ahead and book it, and he told me to book whatever I wanted (as far as add ons went). The only thing he demanded was for us to stay at WL, and to get the dining plan. I’ve stayed at WL before, but he hasn’t. But, on our last trip, my family and I did go to WL to eat, so he has seen it.

I think he almost passed out when I told him the total, but he recently got a promotion and I told him that we would be fine. I can always work more hours this summer if it means getting to see MICKEY!!! :mickey: :wub:

Anyway, I am so excited! Now I just hope we can get reservations for those few restaurants that we are DYING to try. :closedeye


YAY!!! What a great belated honeymoon:)


Ooooh! That sounds wonderful! Swoon! :wub:


Sounds wonderful! Wilderness Lodge is SO romantic. :wub:


sounds so great I am jealous .


Don’t hate! :happy:

Thanks everyone. I can’t wait to go and try a Dole Whip, oh and maybe a Lapu Lapu, for the first time!


Congratulations, thats a great Honeymoon! You guys will have a blast!


Wow! that’s great! And I’m sure that Disney will find some small way to make it even MORE magical for the both of you! :happy:


Congrats on your trip!


That’s so cool!!! And don’t forget to tell them it’s a belated honeymoon!! You may get those bride-groom Mickey ears!!


Yay! That sounds like such a wonderful honeymoon, belated or not! :mickey: :wub: I can’t wait to hear all about it when you return!

Swoon…maybe we need a 2nd honeymoon, at the WL! :biggrin:


Sounds WONDERFUL. WL is my favorite resort. :wub: We’re going NEXT MONTH!! OK, so we’ll have 2 teenagers with us, hardly a honeymoon, but hey, it’s still WL!!!


congrats on booking your honeymoon in WDW. you won’t regret it. yeah we got married there as well so it was only appropriate to have the honeymoon there but it makes it more special. there are so many romantic things you can do during your honeymoon there: you can get massages at the GF, you can book a wishes or illuminations cruise (though i might add getting a wishes cruise is easier than an illuminations cruise), there are some fine restaurants to dine at for a romantic dinner (California Grille is a favorite of ours) and the list goes on and on. if you need any help with ideas, feel free to let us know. we’re here to help.