It's official... (well, not exactly)


So, the band is going to Disney! If… we have enough people sign up. (Last year, the plan was to go to Universal, but not enough people could go… excuse was that it was too expensive. I don’t see how Disney will solve that problem, considering that it’s more expensive)

Anyway, I have the dates! February 6, 2008. “The band will dapart on Friday 6th at approcimately 9:00pm, spend three nights and four days in Orlando Florida, and return in the evening on Sunday, February 10th.” Grr… I hate overnight bus rides!!! I can’t sleep on a bus. I can hardly sleep in a bed! Oh, well. Anything for the mouse. "The cost of the trip will be $370." More than Universal… "This includes Bus Fare, 3 nights lodging @ 4 per room in the Disney All-Star Movie Resort" Movies??? I thought we’d be staying at Music! Oh, well… Movies is okay, I guess. Although I was looking forward to the piano-shaped pool. “3 days in 4 Disney World Theme Parks” Walt Disney World!!! Three days for four parks??? I need at least five days!!! haha… “4 lunches ($5.00 each) and 3 dinner meals ($10.00)” Is he crazy? Lunches at Disney cost more than $5.00! And dinners usually cost around $15… “Students will need to bring meal money for meals not included.” Oh… so we have to buy our own breakfasts.

I don’t know if my mom will go with me or my dad. But, my dad can go and not have to miss a day of work, so he might take me. He is the Disney fanatic of my parents, although I believe my mom enjoys it just as much. But I think my dad might want to go… it would kill him if I did Disney without him (except if he went, then I would probably have to hang out with him, but if my mom went, then I would ditch her and hang with my friends while she hung out with her friends… plus Dad would have to chaperone boys).

The good news is that those who can’t afford the trip only have to pay $55 if they can fundraise the rest. (Costs 305 fundraising points)

Oh, well… this will be fun! (I would put my trip on my countdown, only I can’t figure it out… I’m not sure I’m allowed to do countdowns, yet)


It’s 100 posts and 3 months as a member . . . then Mickey told me that it’s under Quick Links, edits options down at the bottom . . . and sometimes it happens overnight and sometimes it takes a little while for the system to catch up!

BTW, hope your band can fundraise the money . . . I used to love going on school trips to Disney!!! (many, many years ago :blush: )


Nice…When I was in high school our band did Disney Magical Music Days. We stayed a week, also went to Universal and Wet and Wild . I am happy we lived to far to take a bus trip with 40 teens.


I hope you get to go - sounds like a fun time! not sure how you are getting meals that cheap, but hey…i’m sure it’ll be awesome!!


Are you going for a competition?

Sounds like lots of fun!


My brother go to go for Magical Music Days when he was in high school. I was soooo jealous!! I had already graduated, and I was in college with no money for a Disney fix.

I hope it works out for your group to go!!


Sounds like fun. Are you in a competition?


Nah. I think we’re just playing in the parade. I would love to do a competition at Disney. I picked up the packets at DCI, and they look so thorough. Only Mr. Smith is really picky about who he has judge the band. He doesn’t like competitions where everyone comes home with an award. (Plus, competition would mean less park time and more $$$$!)