It's official


We are going back to WDW in the beginning of February!!!

Booked the trip today… room, tickets, dining plan, airline tickets and all!!!

I am SO excited now! We were just there in the beginning of this month. It’s almost surreal to be going back so soon. All I have to do is put in for my vacation at work.

Now I get to change my countdown…WOOHOO!


I love planning a WDW trip.
So where are you staying at?


Congratulations!!! WOW…under 130 days already. You can even make your ADRs!


Wow, I love it, everything is a done deal. What are some of your trip plans?


WOOOHOOOO! Congrats!


Congrats to you!!!


CONGRATS!! I’m so excited for you!! :mickey: :happy:


We are staying at POP and we are going to try more table service meals this time. We got the DDP, eventhough it is just the two of us, that way we could do a lot more table service dining. Gonna look into ADR’s this time.

Any suggestions for some good ones? I was thinking about San Angel and Coral Reef. Might look into LeCellier since everyone raves about it so much.


get what i am going next month to disney world.


Strange that I haven’t received my invitation to join you…yet… :wink:

Congrats on booking the trip.


Good for you!! San Angel Inn is great. So is Restaurant Marrakesh.


not so long ago a little boy I knew was anxious and practically demanding that we (I) plan a trip to WDW…
I came back from that trip with a nice fat rock on my finger! Maybe Mandapanda…:slight_smile:

Anyways, now you have 128 days to finish your OLD Tr!



FOR: Amanda and Jason

WHEN: Feb. 6th thru Feb. 12th


TIME: See park operation hours! :laugh:

There you go Dewey, there is your invitation. :happy:

It would be great if I would see you there!

Of course this invitation is extended to anyone who may be visiting “the World” during the same time.


Oh, a girl can only dream! I wish that was his intention for this trip. Sadly, I don’t think that it is. I keep trying to get him on the ring subject, but alas it seems to slip his mind until I bring it up again. Maybe I can get some progress on that in the next four months!:laugh: He keeps saying it is time for us to get married and start a family, and I keep reminding him that I am waiting on a ring. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not looking for anything super-fancy or ultra-expensive, but SOMETHING would be nice. (Can you tell I think about this a lot and I have been waiting a while now!:laugh: )

In my defense, Dewey’s TR is WAAAAAAAAAY older than mine! And I do intend to FINISH mine soon. THOUGHT Maybe I should have waited to give him his invitation until AFTER he finished his TR.


that is when I will be there- I fly in on fri Feb2 and willbe there till Feb 12- its a great time of the year to go- we always go the first week of feb- Congrats


Congrats, Manda!!! It’s SO AWESOME to have a trip planned!!! Now GO and make some ADRs! You’re within the window!

I would definitely recommend San Angel Inn…it’s SUPER romantic! Especially if you sit overlooking the erupting volcano and Rio del Tiempo below. It is AWESOME!

And if you like steak, you MUST try Le Cellier! Do not pass GO, do not collect $200! The mushroom rissoto Filet Mignon is TO DIE FOR!!!


Have a great time!

I wish I was going soon:frown:


That is awesome news… Have a great time!!!


HOW EXCITING, super groovy!! :smile: very happy for you.


I am really pleased for you! We are in the process of working out ADR’s that we want for our trip in APril. Half the fun is in the planning! :laugh: