It's On!


I’m going to Disneyland and couldn’t be more excited!

I have been told very firmly that this trip is NOT for my benefit…heehee… but that my parents are taking my family to Disneyland because they can’t get away with just taking my kids. :laugh:

Disneyland… and Disneyland Hotel… here we come! :happy:


That’s great! I can’t wait to hear all about it. I hope you have a great time!


Congrats! When are you going?? I’ve been wanting to get back to DL; haven’t been there since I was a wee lad. :laugh: Make sure you write a TR with lots of pics.


Great news!!! I’ll be needing details on the the stuff they don’t have at WDW!


How exciting! You will have a fabulous time!! When are you going?


Haha, you would be surprised at what DLR has in comparison to WDW, we have many similar attractions and others WDW doesn’t have, as goes the same with WDW, can’t compare the two, it’s like an Apple and an Orange, both are different but both are still delicious!


Congrats on the trip, post pics.


Very well stated.


End of June!

I think the first thing I need to do is start a letter writing campaign to get them to TURN THE GAS ON FULL on Indiana Jones! It used to be my favorite, but without all the flames it’s lame!


[QUOTE=Andrea;1022466]End of June!

I think the first thing I need to do is start a letter writing campaign to get them to TURN THE GAS ON FULL on Indiana Jones! It used to be my favorite, but without all the flames it’s lame![/QUOTE]

:laugh: You wanna feel the heat!! That’s right Andrea, get the FULL effect!


Congrats! I am super, super excited for you. So, plans? SPILL IT ALL!


Exciting! Have a blast!


That’s great news–have fun!


Sounds AWESOME!!! cannot wait to hear all about it :laugh:


That’s right! :laugh:


We’ll fly into LAX on Monday morning. We should get to the Hotel around 2:30, and we’ll either check in or drop off the luggage until the room is ready… then it’s off to Disneyland!

After that… I am really not in charge of this operation. :laugh: There WILL be a plan, and we will not be standing around wondering what to do next… but we will have to see what that plan is. Goofy’s Kitchen, Big Thunder BBQ (oh, that’s not the name any more, I have no idea), Plaza Inn and hang out on their terrace for fireworks… these things have all been mentioned, and excellent plans they are.

I’m really, really hoping that DH will finally get to see The Best Fireworks Ever with me one night- perhaps my mom would be willing to babysit. :biggrin: As a matter of fact, I may just try to spend an entire afternoon without my children. :cool:

My dad keeps asking if the baby can go on Buzz Lightyear. I keep telling him that she can… but it will be a question of does she want to? I’m thinking we need some sort of ear plugs. It’s easy to forget how loud everything is. She would also love the Tiki Room, but I think the volume will be a bit much.

DS8 and DH will ride California Screamin’ multiple times, while I say, “Have fun.” :laugh:

My dad will complain that The Duck is underrepresented, and that That Mouse is a fraud. He will spoil and indulge the grandchildren at every opportunity. My mom will give him a run for his money in this department.

In any case, we will hit the parks early on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday… and leave Thursday afternoon around noon. Then it’ll be a loooong drive back to my parents’ house, where we’ll have just over another week of a different sort of vacation- lots of lake and waterskiing and swimming and NOT riding the wakeboard, because I’m just too old to be crashing on that thing like I always do.

Gotta start writing my crackpot letters about the state of the Indiana Jones Adventure… :laugh:


Oh, and I really really hope that the World of Color show has opened by then… because I can wait another year or two to see it, and in the meanwhile it’ll eat up crowds… and I can ride TSM while everyone else is there. :biggrin:


World of Color should be playing in full swing by June, the resort is shooting for 3 performances per night. Don’t forget that there is a new ticketing system that is going to be used for this show, like a fast pass, so be sure to head over to the ticket machines to grab your ticket for a performance of World of Color the minuet you enter DCA, for they will go very quickly, as of now the machines that are going to be used for the show are the un-used Fast Pass machines for It’s Tough to be a Bug (though this could change, if it does and I know about it, I will let you know), located in A Bug’s Land. Also, I would suggest you see the fireworks in the park, they’re MUCH better when seen in front of the castle/in the hub area/end of Main Street, you get all of the firework effects, see Tinkerbell/Dumbo/get a rain of confetti at the end of the show (Confetti and Dumbo are in the show only if Magical is playing when you go, which it should be, it’s the summer fireworks show, not Remember…Dreams Come True, Remember only has Tinkerbell). Have fun!


Very cool!! End of June huh? We’ll miss you by a few weeks:crying:


Disneyland Hotel?! Wow. You’re so lucky!
I wish I could afford to stay there and take in that EXTRA magic while sleeping. lol.

I had to settle for the Anaheim Plaza Hotel…I hope it’s not that bad…but then again, I’ll just be sleeping there for only a few hours…
(Isn’t that the excuse EVERYONE gives for not being able to stay at on the Resort Property…lol)