It's OUT!


For all of you “Unofficial Guide to WDW” lovers, the new 2005 version is now available at bookstores. I purchased mine today!! WOO HOO!! The release date for the 2005 Passporter is December 28th 2004. I preordered mine at Barnes and Nobles! Just passing on the information. I know some of you WDW guide book junkies , like myself, will be thrilled with this information. There is nothing better to help with easing anticipation anxiety like a brand spanking new version of a WDW guide book. :mickey:


I have read many WDW guidebooks but not this one. Is it worth the effort??


lol good to know Dana!!! Thanks for the update. It’s worth the effort. Most of the time you’ll find a split between this and the Passorter…or maybe a slight edge for this one.


It cost $18.99 and it’s worth every single cent and then some to me. It has the most brutally honest reviews you have ever read and the touring and budget plans are exceptional. I buy one every year to get all the updates. This year’s edition includes a shopping guide. This bok has everything that is WDW in it and then some. Definatelt a great guide book, but don’t expect pixie dust or anything. These people tell it how it is and give it to you bluntly. Don’t be put off by it though…it totally prepares you for every single possible circumstance thay could possibly ever happen on the WDW property. That and the Passporter are my absolute favorite guidebooks and I think I may have read every available one in my bookstore :smile:


How is this one?? I have found that from year to year, not much gets changed in those books. Is the many new updates?


Metalfan - I get both the passporter and this guide. They both have different things I like bout them and are excellent plannign tools in their own right. It’s definately worth the purchase to me.

Disneyguy - The only updates in the Unofficial is the shopping section, whatever opened/closed in the last year, information on what is going to open in the next year and of course the excellent stories and letters that they publish in each issue. The humor is what gets me in this book…it’s almost sarcastic…lol

Yes, to both of you. Worth the buy. I’d be happy to pass my copy on once I am done with it. So let me know. I passed off my 2004 issue last year to a DCer and will be glad to do it again.


HHHmmmm… tempting… I maybe will buy the Passporter and can swap with you later. I have never read that one, except on a really quick read in the Barnes and Noble Starbucks… yummm…


Hehe, I just bought the…2000/2001 version from an Ollie’s this summer. Regardless of being a tad outdated, I love the Unnoficial Guide for Adults, it’s nice to hear someone talk about Disney so casually and in their own opinion. (Although I CAN’T agree on how they said the Rio del Tiempo was boring…that’s one of my favorites!) Is the new version worth buying, or will the 2001 suffice?


You should at least look at the newest,because Bob Sehlinger puts in the book that the average guidebook is 5-8 percent outdated before it even makes the bookshelves!! Taking that into consideration,that would mean that the 2001 is almost 40% out of date.


Uggghhh!!! How can you stand El Rio Del Tiempo??? It just makes me want to jump out and go swimming back through the river of time!!! :nonono2:

I personally think it is an insult to the Mexican people.


OK, now I have to get this one too! :whistling


I found another new feature in this guidebook last night. They actually have a 1-10 (one being the slowest and 10 being the most crowded) rating system for every single day of next year…lol it also includes the last few months of this year. I am happy to report that my 7 days is rated as a 3 on the crowd scale…I already knew it wasn’t crowded, but loved seeing it in print…

2000/2201 version (i have that) is a decent book, but doesn’t have all the new attractions factored in to it’s touring plans. You can get by on that one if you have been there before, but if it’s your first trip, I reccomend getting the new one. If you are going after January, I’d be happy to give you mine when I am done with it. I am just going to go buy another next year anyway :heart:


Thanks for the update Dana. My daughter just sold volumes 1998 through 2003 at a garage sale. Maybe I’ll pick up the new one for a little light reading on my cruise.


Garage sale? Cool! I need a new garage. What would the postage and packing on that be to England?? :wink:

BTW before my 2004 WDW trip I used the 2000 Unofficial Guide and found it useful. Hardly anything had changed! :smile:


OOOOOh!!! I will have to go get the new one! and maybe a PassPorter ( have never gotten that one before) but my 2004 Unofficial Guide is dog eared and highlighted, I have used it so much this year. DH was sure I had lost my mind when I read it almost from cover to cover. Thanks Dana


If you buy my garage, you have to buy all the stuff crammed into it too. (and it needs a good cleaning) :laugh: Garage sales are the equivilent to “car boot sales” in England. We probably just have more junk.

I think you’re right though, not too much changes in the Unofficial, but I’m such a WDW addicit, I just buy it for the thrill. :rolleyes:



Haha, my first trip, Dana? I was a CP in Spring 2003. :smile: Maybe I ought to add that to my signature…and yes, I believe the old book will suffice since I went to the parks just about every off day I had! Plus, Ollies has great prices, I think I got it for 6 or 7 bucks. :angel:


I was so excited and went to the bookstore looking for it today…Books a Million only had the 2004 edition and B&N didn’t have ANY on the shelf at all. I am just going to order it offline and hopefully it will be here by this weekend so I can veg and look through the book.


FYI - had a great price of <$14 with free shipping if you spend $25. A link for it was just on Mousesavers two days ago but is now gone. :noo: