Its snowing and i wanna go to Disney!


Well, a few days ago i got back from a Disney Vacation a very short one because of family matters. Right now its snowing and i really wish i was at Disney. I’m happy i have no school because of a Snow Day but if anyone is in Disney world and would like to post about they’re trip here. Please do. Thanks!


Errr…you get to go to Disney during the school year?



[QUOTE=Dopey;931185]Errr…you get to go to Disney during the school year?


I went because of something that happened in my family.:crying:


Oh no. That’s not a good way to go.:crying:


Check out the trip report section . . . there are a lot of TRs that will make you Disney happy! :happy:


oh it’s okay, thanks for caring.:laugh:


There was a snow day here too on Monday when all the kids got off school too- heavy snow is predicted for tomorrow and possibly the rest of this week so I will join you reading TR’s and imagining basking in the warmth of that Florida sun!