It's so stressful to find airfare!


OK, this is in addition to my other thread about the ticket discount sites, ike Expedia, Priceline, Orbitz and so forth…

OK, after hours of investigation, I now know pretty much every price of every ticket that can be purchased for my dates. My question is, do airfares every go down later?

JetBlue may have some good fares, but December rates aren’t due until late April or May, so all the other flights will already have been sold by then and I will be at the mercy of the ticket gods to see if I can be the early bird who actually gets to book a JetBlue flight on the right day.

I really hate this part of the planning. It really knocks the wind out of my sales. Almost like a visit to the dentist. :crying:


I would wait till the dates are much closer- that way you can get the lowest rates- I have always seen much higher rates the farther out you purchase them. I am having the same rate issues- but Im waiting for SW dings to hit on my dates- they were avail for the week before and the week after but not on the dates that I need.


woohoo, then I will give it some time. I am just worried because it’s for Christmastime travel.

Also… where are the direct flights??? I mean, really! I am looking at the NYC airports, and there is a huge lack of direct flights! Everything goes through Atlanta or Washington or worse, Chicago or San Juan… don’t they own MAPS? :confused:


You are looking so far in advance that they may have not released them yet. Lots of times flights change and rearrrange- I would wait till a few months ahead and not so far in advance. As for holiday travel- we have never had issues finding great fares for family- its only when you have very specific days you need to travel and they are the highest travel dates that is when you have issues-


I thought the same thing about this time last year and worried that all the flights would be sold out. I don’t know if it always true but our flight wasn’t sold out and did get cheaper the closer we got. Two weeks (or less, it may have been one week) before our flight SWA ran a special and had our flight cheaper than any I had seen during the last 8 months. I worried for no reason. That some flight was only half full when flew down and about the same coming home the day after Christmas. I had always heard flights we full and airports packed but we didn’t see that.


Oh do I understand that… I am always hunting for airfare


I think that there are very specific dates that make the holiday crunch not the entire season- just see if you can do some research to see when those dates are-


We have flown with Delta and SW for many years. SW has always had the best prices for us. We usually book a couple of months in advance. You will see prices creep up one day, down the next. It is just the way it goes. Fortunately with SW, you can rebook at at lower rate and receive a credit should your fare decrease. In my opinion, waiting too long can be risky. You will be at their mercy as far as flight times, days go. Booking earlier allows you to book on your terms, but you always run the risk of a better price coming along. It’s a gamble… Good Luck!!


OK everyone, thanks for the wisdom! I will take a more relaxed view and sort of check every week or so for the next couple of months.

If we can’t find airfare I like, then I will just throw the kids into the car and hit the road, right? I mean, how hard can it be to drive 16 hours?)


This was my worst nightmare last year. I have decided that I don’t have time to hunt for fares and would much rather pay a travel agent to figure it out for me. The one I usually use calls me when better fares come through and does anything and everything to save me money.


I wonder if I can find a good TA like that! Or do you think your person might do the work for someone a few states from Michigan??


I was just gonna say that! I always have my travel agent handle my air…just so much less hassle:happy:


I don’t know if all airlines work the same way, but my FIL used to work for Us Airways and he told me that usually by the end of Sept and early Oct new schedules and fares are released for the last quarter of the year. At least they were for US Air.

I don’t know if that’s cutting it too close for you. I would be freaking. Buying the airline tickets was the most stressful part of the planning.


I will call a TA right away and see if they can keep my flights on their radar screens.

P.S. Peppy, your avatar is bee-a-youtiful!


I understand completely!!! I’m also planning a December trip and check the airline sites everyday (like a CRAZY woman) in hopes that dates and fares will be posted and be a decent price. I have, although, budgeted in extra money just in case the fares are more than I expect them to be.


We drive the 18 or so hours most of our trips! It’s not bad at all.

Honestly to drive to the airport, park and be there two hours early, fly time, lay over time, ME time, you’d be 1/2 way there!!!


Miss Disney we are doing exactly the same search search searching every evening every web site all the time- still hoping for that great deal and a direct flight. But I think its getting closer and closer to us just booking and to stop looking-its almost an obsession with DH!


That is so true and we talk about that every time we fly. We still like to fly because it’s less work but we do end up sitting around a lot.

Drive to the airport–2 hours on average
Extra time for traffic–1 hour
Bag check and security–2 hours
Flight–2 hours

Total time 7 hours

If we drive and leave from my DILs it’s 14-16 hours total.


Thank you…I think so too! Compliments of MB’s avatar guy:happy:


Id wait for a little bit. I thought my tickets to the states were going to skyrocket because I wasn’t able to buy them till pretty much a month before. They actually dropped 150.00 from the first time I looked.
Good luck with the non-stop flight. I keep joking they should do one from over here to the states but I don’t think that could ever happen.