It's soooo stinkin' expensive!


I’m trying to budget out for our December trip, and I’m just overwhelmed. Now that “baby boy” is counted as a real person we’re a family of 5. That means four days at WDW cost as much as 7 days use to cost us. :eek:

I have a feeling this will be our last WDW vacation with kids. :frown:



I understand what you are saying. I am sure you will figure out some corners to cut.:cool:


I know just what you mean. Our Baby Boy isn’t quite a “person” yet, but it’s going to be tough to foot the bill with us all. There’s no way we can quit going though…I think we’ll end up putting a little more space between trips.


Same feelings here.
We just did the math for our October trip, and realized our next trip after that one (summer '09?), our twins will turn 3, which will add about another $450 for tickets alone. At least by then, we won’t be taking 2 suitcases full of diapers and baby food!:wink:

Prezcatz Paul


We were just discussing that for next year when our twins turn 3. DOUBLE the extra costs! But, we’ve been buying airline tickets for them all along, so at least that part won’t be too much of a shocker.

Feeling your pain…


It’s expensive alright!!


It’s definitely expensive…I feel it! DD just turned 3 and even though we’re not going til November, we bucked up and bought her the 10 day MYW Park Hopper + Water Park Fun and More NO Expiration ticket NOW…that’s $430 I didn’t have to pay last year. :blink:


We were just having this discussion today regarding our next trip also! We are carefully watching airfare too.:pinch:


I know . . . when I filled up the car and it cost me 100 bucks I thought . . . well there goes a day at Disney . . . grrrrr!! :frown:


you never know what kind of deals Disney will come up with. They do not want to see attendance down, so if that starts to happen… they might come up with something enticing!


That’s what I’m hoping . . . they already sent the $59/night deal for Sept for some folks . . . I’m hoping they do that for FL residents or Passholders!

At the end of the day, you do get a lot of bang for your buck! After visiting SeaWorld and Universal recently, I realized, even though the park tickets were slightly less for those parks. . . you got HALF as much as you do at Disney!

Just too bad the food is so expensive . . .


we are a family of five and when we go this year our trip is going to cost us$2787.00 thats with the free dining and staying 8 nights w/ 8 day hopping passes.


It’s terribly expensive for just the two of us! I can’t even imagine paying for a family of 5. Ticket prices have really flown up in the past few years. I remember for our first trip together in '03 I think…I got 4 day (hoppers?) for $202 a person. MYW alleviates the punch a little for the long trips but for us short trippers it still hurts!


It is kind of stinky when you little ones become real people!!:eek: :laugh:
Little rats, what are we going to do with them?:wub:


Hey Cavey, I think we’re ALL feeling your pain! :ohmy:


Well we’ve decided that DS2 isn’t allowed to turn 3:glare: . I’m gonna go ahead and book trips for the next 20 years while he’s still 2. TECHINCALLY, he’ll be 2 at the time of booking:laugh:


I understand Cavey, I’m sorry it’s feels overwhelming, but hopefully there are corners to be cut so the trip seems more reasonable. Is this driving down & staying at Fort Wilderness?


I was so glad on our last trip, DGD was 2 1/2. I think at this point if I had small kids, I’d be eating at CS meals a lot. I’d hate to think paying 13 bucks or so for my DGD at a buffet and only eating 4 spoonfuls of mac and cheese. It’s just like that jump from kid prices to adult prices. I guess if I had several kids 3 thru 9, the dining plan would look pretty good. But again at 9, paying 12 bucks a day for the dining plan sounds great. But growing up just a bit, and bamm, you’re paying 38 bucks.


I feel your pain and it gets worse when they get older as they start to eat more than we do. At least you can still do kid meals.
We usually rent a villa and car as we find that to be more economical. We can eat breakfast and one other meal at the villa and only have to eat something at the park once a day. This saves a lot of money. Also, a great trick a cm taught us was to buy two large drinks and ask for three small cups. The large drinks fill up our family of 5 who are 10 and older.


Hey Cavey I can remember when DD turned into a little person according to Disney! it does make a difference, but I am sure you will figure a way to get round it eventually.
Our concern this year is airline fuel charges- DH is convinced that we are going to be slapped with an additional fuel surcharge at any time now-it seems globally everything is getting so expensive!