It's the Anaheim Hilton, baby!


I am so stoked! :happy:

I haven’t stayed here since 2003! :huh:

Last time we stayed there, I gots a free upgrade to a suite!

And who’da thunk I’d score a room in Anaheim under $50.00 a night! :ohmy:

2007 is turning out to be a very good year… :wub:


Howdja do that?!?!?!?


Great hotel. We go out for our N.A.M.M convention every January and go there.!


Priceline. :ph34r:

Gotta love it. :wub:

Rental Car at $14.00 a day as well. :happy:


You got the Hilton?? Sweet! What dates?


2nd and 3rd of November… :wub:


Very cool indeed!








Amazing price.

It’s good to be you!

Happy planning!


:cool: :cool: :cool: :cool:

Get in a little prime time before you go to NYC to kick booty and take names. :ph34r:


You gonna be there that weekend? :phone:

(At Disneyland, I mean. Not the hotel) :blush:


That’s awesome that you get to go and what a GREAT price!! Can I hire you to make all my ressies?? I never find the deals like that!


I think it’s just a good year. :heart:

Ever since 2004, I have not been able to get a hotel room within Anaheim proper for under $50.00. For 2005 and 2006, I’ve been staying at Fullerton and Buena Park for the most part. :pinch:

But, for some reason, I was able to get the Holiday Inn and the Hyatt this past May for under $50.00. Now the Hilton. Can’t complain~ :wub:


Is that the Anaheim Hilton or the Hilton Garden a block or two down ?

I love the Hilton Garden.


that’s great… you’ll be there before you know. Looks like we are getting another TR


I hope he has TIME to do another TR! :laugh: At least for this particular trip. :blush:

I talked to him last night. The man’s schedule is insane. In. Sane. :pinch: :eek:

But I’m certain there’ll DEFINITELY be a TR after next month’s trip. More vacay time, less work. :happy:


The Hilton Garden is nice, from what I’ve seen…

But this is THE Hilton Hotel… :wub:

And yes, Dac, there will be a trip report…

But not live, and only later this month… :pinch:


Go figure the odds.

I will be kickin’ it with Voldemort starting the 11th of December… :wub:

Guess who got the Anaheim Hilton again! :happy:

Five nights at an average $51.00 + tax a night… :cool:


And the party starts as soon as we leave LAX…:pirate:


awesome!! that is a great deal!! more $$ for food and vino!!