Its the Little Things that Count


On my last trip to WDW I noticed little things that I never noticed before. As you are about to enter the door for Haunted Mansion, have you ever noticed the eyes on the tombstone moved?! Have you ever looked straight up right as the lights go out in the room that stretches you’ll see a woman hanging in a white dress. I’ve been on HM lots of times and never noticed it.

When I rode Big Thunder Mountain at night I noticed there are shadows of people having a party in the little house.

Are there any little details that you noticed but others may have missed?


I caught one this past trip!!! Mister Toad’s statue is in the pet cemetary of the Haunted Mansion.

Oh, and I think everyone knows about the “fallen letter” hidden message at the bottom of the marquee in ToT; it’s USED to say “evil tower u r doomed.”



When I was last on the HM, a fresh rose was placed on the "newly dug’ grave. I thought that was cute/creepy :c)


Not to mention the wedding ring in the pavement! :eek:


I have taken note of each of these and will have to check them out on our next trip!


Yeah! That one is coooool! I had no idea it was there until someone told me to look for it!

The effects in the new attic room sequence here in DL are spectacular. I hope they do something similar at WDW so y’all can see it. It’s waaaaay better than before!


I just noticed them too! BTM at night was great!


I also noticed a real old fashioned mailbox on Main Street that is really used for mail delivery.


Once my dd got her “Hidden Mickeys” book we’ve done nothing but look for Hidden Mickeys. I’m just about at the point where I want to hide from her.


It is so true.
There is so much to be missed. The detail are amazing.
I’m a big hidden mickey hunter, so I am always into the finer details.


Man, I have looked for the ring outside the HM every time and have never found it. Can anyone give me really explicit directions?


Me, too. I was looking, and… nope.


I just found the Gene Kelly umbrella for the first time this year! I’ve been to MGM dozens of times and just never saw it before.
There’s always something new to discover!
I also noticed the records in the queue for RnR all have roller coaster themes to them. I can’t remember what they say now tho :blink:


I second that Ddoll, I’ve never been able to find it either!! :angry:


On my last trip I noticed that if you go into Tinkerbell’s Treasures and look into the key hole in the bureau you can see Tink!


Glad to hear I’m not the only one bent over wandering around the exit of HM searching the ground and looking like an idiot. I’ve gotton some strange looks but darned if I still can’t find that thing. :sad: :sad: :sad: :sad: :sad: :sad:


I never knew that. I would love to find it.


DD loves hidden mickeys too. We had the book one visit too, and she noticed one that wasn’t in the book. In Mickey’s house, the bowl of popcorn in the living room is full of hidden mickeys (mickey shaped kernels).


Directions to the wedding ring:
As you exit the HM, you will be walking under an awning into the courtyard. The ring is in the pavement just as you leave the awning, a little to the right of the center of the sidewalk. It doesn’t really show up well, so if you get to this spot and you still don’t see it, ask a CM. They get that question all day long! LOL


Ever notice the “Wet Paint” signs??? So cute! I stole one once to bring it home to frame… (yes, the paint was already dry!)