It's the most wonderful time at the World~TR!


I literally just got home from my Disney trip and I am already feeling the withdrawl! :crying: I’ll share a TR of my wonderful 7 days at WDW to help me transition back to the “real” world… But it’s late right now so I’m going to have to start it on Tuesday (sorry, I’m gonna be away again)! But I PROMISE to be back with all the details and pictures! I took over 1,200 pictures!!! So to give you a little taste of what’s coming… here it is… :happy:


The castle looks beautiful. Cant wait to read all about it.


Okay so here goes the TR!

The cast:

Me (Helen)

DF (Disney Friend~Jenn) We became friends in college and I got her hooked on Disney during our college spring break trip to Disney :laugh: This is our fifth visit to Disney together… no one else really understands our obsession with Disney but you know why we need to go so often right?

December 13 (DAY 1): We are going to Disney World!

Our VERY LONG AWAITED day has finally arrived!
It actually started a little earlier for me than planned. I kid you not… I woke up at 4:30AM because I was really too excited to sleep! :blush: My plan was to wake up at 8 and go to church (I work as a youth pastor and usually I don’t need to be at church until 9 on Sundays). But I figure since I couldn’t sleep why not get up and start my day! :blush: So I got ready and finish some work and finished the youth worship and FINALLY it was time to go to the airport! I picked up my DF at 1:00 and came back to my place to do some last minute packing and we waited for the taxi to come pick us up at 2:00. The taxi came a little early so off we go to the airport and we arrived at 2:30. Our flight wasn’t until 5:30 so we had a lot of time to kill… basically we ate and walked around a little and than… we found this awesome comfy chairs with labtop outlets so we settled into the chair and plugged in my DF’s laptop and that’s how we spend the rest of our time. Seriously, Southwest was impressive and we LOVED these cool chairs…

at 5:00 we boarded and we departed on time! The flight started with one of the flight attendants telling us a joke! We LOVE Southwest because it’s so unique! Last time we took Southwest, the flight attendants actually sang us a song while we were waiting to leave. :laugh:

Anyhow, we arrived safely in Orlando at 9:00PM and we were hit with HUMIDITY and HEAT! 85 degrees!!! It felt a lot warmer though because we just left from 20 degrees! But I choose 85 over 20 ANYDAY!

Our Magical Express bus was waiting for us and we boarded at 9:30PM but did not depart until 10:00PM. I think it was the last bus and they were waiting for last minute passengers. But it ended up having just four people on it.


DAY 1 (PART 2)

We pulled into our resort at 10:30. We stayed at Port Orleans French Quarter. As soon as we stepped off the bus, we were amazed by the decorations! It was seriously breath taking!

The entrance into the lobby:

The lobby all lit-up:

We checked-in with no wait and got room 7112. We walked to the room but it took longer than we thought. Not only was it the last building in the resort but we got lost trying to found our room :pinch: But eventually we did make it to our room!


We finally made it to room 7112 and walked into this:

It was heart warming to see Mickey waiting for us in our room! :blush: Our room was nice, clean, and quiet. It was far from the lobby but it was nice since there were a lot of people walking around (and swimming) near the lobby area but our room had no sign of people.

We were hungry so we made our way to the food court and found that only one counter was open since it was past 11:00PM. So basically we had a choice of pasta or pizza. I chose pasta with meatballs. It was good but not sure if it was worth paying over $10. It was still hot and humid and I wanted to join the people in the pool! But we had the AC on high in our room so all was good. Anyhow, after we ate, we were hoping to found our luggage waiting for us in our room but when we returned at 12:00AM no sign of our luggage. We just hung out and waited until I decided to call the bell hop around 12:30AM. Their reponse was that they still didn’t get our luggage but should arrive shortly. :blink: Oh well… despite getting only four hours of sleep, I couldn’t sleep anyways because I was still too excited! hehehe so I didn’t mind waiting for the luggage. At 1:00AM there was a knock at the door and comes our luggages! We unpacked and finally fell asleep at 2:30AM. It was a long day, but who cares! We made it to Disney World and the next day we were going to Disney Hollywood Studios!!!


I totally understand the feelings of trip withdrawl. There is definately a sad little letdown after you get home and realize it’s all over. :sad:

Otherwise, it’s nice to relive everything through pictures, that’s why I love doing TRs so much!

French Quarter looks BEAUTIFUL!


Great start! I’m so jealous that you got to spend some time at Disney during the holiday season, lol. Isn’t it great???


Alright, you’ll be back to write more, right?


POFQ is the resort that I would like to try next. DW is stuck on CBR. I need a few good points to convince DW that we should try FQ. Any ideas?


Love it so far! I just got back from POFQ yesterday and loved it! The decorations were gorgeous!


Does she like to shop? POFQ is my FAVORITE resort for many reasons but one main one is the boat that takes you to the shopping area! It also is a very small moderate resort and has one bus stop so I never had a problem getting a seat!

I love your pictures Helen! We’re hoping to go next December so seeing pics of POFQ decorations are getting me in the spirit. Not that I need any help. :laugh: We were in building 6 last time and it was great… don’t think there are any bad buildings there though. :wub:


Can’t wait to

I love the pics!! Keep them coming!!!

What a great start to your trip!


Great pictures! It is so beautiful! Can’t wait for more!


Okay I left you all in suspense long enough… on with day 2! :laugh:

December 14 (Day 2): Disney’s Hollywood Studios

I woke up at 8:30AM and we both got ready and was out of the room in an hour… It’s amazing how fast you can get ready when you’re at Disney.

We had to wait for the bus but we were at DHS a little after 10. We made a bee-line to Toy Story Mania but the wait time was 60 mins already! We got our fast pass and the return time was 4:30~5:20.

The details at Toy Story is amazing! I love the realistic theme!


Since the Backlot ride was near Toy Story Mania, we walked over and was happy to see that there was no wait! Actually, all other rides was no wait the whole day! :blush:


After Backlot, we saw Muppets 3D… This is one of our favorites! So cute!!!


It’s fun to just walk around and take-in all the wonderful decorations. Here are some scenes from DHS.













We decided to eat at the Comissionary for lunch. We both had the Ugly Betty Burger and since we used the free DDP points, we saved $28. The burgers were good but the desserts were AWESOME. Seriously so good!!

The cups were even festive for Christmas!