It's time to return


After what will be 5 years since my last trip to wdw I have decided to no longer wait for my family to take me. I am 20 years old, and old enough to take a trip with out my family, so I gathered up my closest friends and we are going to take a trip to wdw during our spring break on March 13-20th! I am so very excited to be getting back into the swing of things once again. Yesterday I picked up Brinmaums 2010 edition and getting so excited!!! I’m still waiting to hear back from Agents about quotes, but in mean time, and I know this question gets asked pretty much every day, what do you think is the best money saving trip to wdw? We have choose to star at Pop Century as a start.

Thanks friends!


Hi my friend! :biggrin: If it were me I’d choose Pop out of the values, it’s the newest & in my opinion the nicest. They have their own buses, whereas last time I stayed at the All-Stars they shared buses (not sure if they still do), etc. Pop has a great food court too.

As far as the ‘money saving’ goes you may want to look into a Dining Plan like the Counter Service Dining Plan 'cause it’s cheap & I know you guys will eat that much food. Just don’t leave your retainer on a tray 'cause you may not be as lucky this time. :tongue:

Otherwise, how many friends have you gathered? Is it enough to get a group discount on tickets? Do any of your parents, or friends going on the trip, belong to AAA? You can get discount tickets through them.


Wish All-stars still share believe me… it’s not fun either, I suggest Pop as well since it has it’s own bus service - nods -.


Well I just found out we may be having a larger party, so we are now thinking of the Treetop Villas!!!


good for you!!! I don’t know how you managed to wait this long. 18 months is about our limit! :laugh: i am glad you decided to just go for it- sometimes we need to do these things in life before we start to fester in the ‘what could of been’ duldromes. I’m so pleased for you.


You will have a great time. I went with a bunch of girlfriends right after college and we had a truly amazing trip!