I've Arrived!


Hey gang!
I’ll write a loooooong report about everything later…but for now I wanna say HI!
(My room mate went out to walmart today and got a new internet cable so I’m good to go now!)

I’m just sitting here killing time waiting for my “throw in” initiation…gulp
I have meetings tomorrow at 8:30am untill around noon and THEN I’ll post my full report…but for now you all know I arrived safe and sound and I am already having the time of my LIFE!


Yeah! Tessa’s in WDW! Glad you had a safe trip, can’t wait to hear how everything is so far! Good luck with everything tomorrow!!!


Yeah! Glad to hear you made it and can’t wait to hear the details!


Glad to hear you made it A-OK! I can’t wait to hear all about it!
Have the time of your life P.T.! :pirate: :mickey:


HOORAY!!! We got our first check-in from Tessa! :biggrin:

Glad to hear you made it safe and sound. The fun begins tomorrow. :biggrin: Have a blast, remember all the details, and take lots of pics for us. :wink:

Have fun Pirate Princess…


hmm…im already wondering what your roommate is like, hope there cool…and of course glad you made it there safe, like everyoe else cant wait to start reading about your adventure…lucky GURL :happy:


YAY!!! Can’t wait o hear about EVERYTHING!! :wub: :heart:


Yeah ! I hope you have the time of your life !!!


Glad to here it’s exciting already!
Great to have another DCer on the inside!


Yay you made it down safe and sound!!! You are going to have such an incredible experience, I’m so excited for you. Looking forward to hearing all of the details.


sO great to hear!! :wub:


That’s so cool. I want to be Tessa. Maybe not - I’m sure she looks better in her outfits than I would. Never mind.

Have a blast!


Oh, I don’t know, shave those legs and you might giver her a run for her money.

Can’t wait to hear what happens next, Tessa!


Yay!!! Great to hear from you, and that you made it safe and sound. Can’t wait to hear the details!!


I am ready to read that long and very detailed report.


Yay! Glad you’re finally able to check in. Like everyone else, I can’t wait to hear about your experience so far!!! :slight_smile:


Yay!!! I can’t wait for the report either!


Yay Tessa!!! Can’t wait to hear all about it!!




Personally, I’d love to see you in those lumberjack boots. :dry:

So glad you arrived safely Tessa! Have you called your mother?

Can’t wait to hear all your news.