I've called Disney Dining


…at least 3 times in the past 2 weeks…

and not once did I get put on HOLD!!! :pirate: :crying:
well there was an almost 1 time, they were beginning to say please hold for the next disney planner (or whatever they say), when somebody picked up!!! :crying: :crying:

I NEED to hear those cool Disney songs on the HOLD music!!!

I feel so left out… :frown:


That’s just criminal! You keep calling back until they put you on hold. You can always say “can you make my day and put me on hold?” LOL they may think you are insane, but you will get your music fix. Best bet to get put on hold is to call around 9am. That almost a guarantee…lol


I do have to keep calling back to see if I can get a table for 3 at H&V for the Fantasmic pkg. I re-booked everything but that one, they told me the restaurant is no longer accepting any more reservations for Sunday Nov. 5th!!! (I hope this is not a bad sign, I was originally going to go on Monday because last year was really crazy on that Sunday but switched to have a day at the MK with my friends…)
So when our group went from 2 to 3 people (the ex), I had to rebook my dining plans. I held off for awhile to see if he would actually go on this trip, but I thought it was better to have the ressies in case he does go, it’s harder to get a table of 4 than it is a table of 2.

But thanks for that advice Dana! LOL

I remember the first time I made my 1st res. it was 7:30 in the morning and I got right through!!! I was soo mad! LOL


I know how you feel, I love Disney hold music! Keep calling back, you’ll get put on hold at some point.


I feel your pain Val! I wasn’t put on hold either of the two times I called! :noo:

The one time I actually want to be on hold it doesn’t happen…go figure! :glare: :happy:


Well, I have to admit that’s the first time I’ve ever heard anyone complain about NOT being put on hold. :laugh: I’d be happy to call for you. Last time I went through the whole repetoire - twice.