I've caught the Disney Bug again


I haven’t been on in a while because I’m afraid that I’d catch the “Disney bug”. But I was spending the night at my friends and I woke up first, so I grabbed my phone and Facebook and Twitter were both boring so there I was on mousebuzz catching the bug all over again. :heart: so the past three days I’ve been listening to Disney music, watching Disney World tv shows, and looking up cute pictures. While I was doing that I found this Tumblr all about Disney princessess: as pretty as a princess.
It’s really cute and I keep checking on it to see if the owner has posted more pictures. :wub:
So I’m planning on being here more often now… I’ve missed my daily Disney. :laugh::blush:


Welcome back! I am glad you have re-caught the Disney bug!


Thank you! I’m glad too.:mickey:


Beware… It’s a DANGEROUS disease for which there is NO CURE!!!:laugh::laugh:


Haha! There’s no cure but there’s a medicine… Taking a trip!:laugh: but once you leave you get a whole new diease… Post Disney Deppression.:mickey::whistling


I have not been posting much on here either cause we are trying to fix things up here and move. With that in our future, things look slim for a trip next year,ot out of the picture,but definetly very slim. It’s hard to browse here when you don’t know what your future holds for a trip in the near future. I understand. I am catching the bug back too.


Aww! My dad said we might not go summer 2012 if there’s not a special deal. :crying: