I've Got a DDE Question


We’ll be off to WDW on Sept. 2. We have a 2 bedroom at OKW, for a week and will then be moving to a 1 bedroom for 5 days (we think - things could change). We’ll have several people “coming and going” during that time. My dh and I want to try the dining plan - does EVERYONE in our group have to have it? I know you do if you book a package into a resort room - but are the rules different for DVC? You see - we’re not the most organized group. My dds might both be coming, or just one, my sister might drop in for a few days, and maybe a friend. We don’t want to “cheat” Disney - we just honestly don’t know who will be there when (kinda like my house:dry: ) Is it ok for just my dh, me and my one dd to get the plan (we’re the only definites)?


Are you talking about DDP or the DDE card?

Even with DVC I believe everyone listed in the room has to have the dining plan or no one gets it. Are your guests going to be listed on your reservation? You aren’t cheating Disney by not listing them since they don’t cost more in a DVC unit, they just don’t get a room key.

The DDE card may be your best bet since you are going to have people coming and going the whole time. We used it last summer with a group of 8 and saved a ton.


Who is listed on the reservations for your room? If it is just the two of you, which is what I would do, you can do the DDP for the length of your stay, or just the length of one of the room stays (so you could do it only in the 2 bedroom, or only while in the 1 bedroom or both).


OK - now I’m more confused. What’s the difference between the two plans? My understanding is the DDP is $37 or so per person covering snack, cs meal and sit-down meal. Right?

Then what the heck’s the DDE??? And how does it save us more money???

(Only my dh is on the reservation - I just checked).


OK - hold it - I’m way confused NOW. Cause I’ve just read through both your posts, Mickey & DT. And I can’t seem to edit my post above??? I don’t do Mondays well…

SO - what the heck is the difference between the DDP (which, as I understand it, is about $37. per person for a snack, cs meal and a sit-down meal? Right??? So what is the DDE (I though they were the same) and how does it save us money???

BTW - only my dh is on the reservation - I just checked.

Thank you.

Dazed and Confused in Winnipeg.


DDE is the Disney Dining Experience. It is usually for Florida residents or APers. You use the card and save 20% off your entire bill (including alcoholic drinks) for up to 10 people. We bought the card last year and saved over $400 on our first trip with it so it can be well worth it if used right. Hope this helps.


Thank you. I went and read up on it on Allearsnet and can see the benefit if you’re dining with a large group. However, we never know how many will be dining together. I think the DDP is a better idea for us.


Just remember, you can do both. Depending on how many meals you think there will be a lot of people, it might be worth it to invest in the DDE as well. The cost is $60 for AP holders, and if you have one nice meal with a big group, it could save you a decent $60 right there.


After many threats, we’ve narrowed it down to four definites. If my sister & bil show up - they’re on their own.:dry:

I think we’re just going to go with the DDP, because, at most, there will only be six of us.