I've got a plan brewing!


OK, after one too many of EJs weekly trip reports :laugh: I hatched an idea!!
We have said we were not going back to Disney as a family and even after that I went with my mom in the fall. That was supposed to be to visit a relative and Disney on the side. I have said that I wanted to make it special and not go very often. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

I posted in another thread that I have just gotten through with dealing with cancer this winter. I was just thinking, what’s stopping me from taking just my 5yr old son and hopping on a plane for a little trip. I am thinking late April or early May. When does the 50th start because I want to go before that due to crowds. I don’t know what my dh will say. He usually knows once I get one of these ideas in my head he is doomed.

Man, I need some date ideas. I need to check the Unofficial Guide. I need to check my son’s preschool schedule to make sure I don’t miss the end of the year open house and stuff like that. Hmmmmmmmmm, Jenny, I might be following in your footsteps, soon.


Yay! GO for it!!!1


ABSOLUTELY you should go! No one deserves it more than you! Get planning!


What a fabulous idea! I LOVE spontaneous decisions like that! And llama’s right, you absolutely deserve a trip to the happiest place on earth!. As far as I know, the celebration begins the first week of May (the 5th or something, I think). So maybe come down in the next 2 weeks. I was just there yesterday and crowd levels weren’t as low as Sept., but definitely managable and pleasant. Let me know what you decide to do.:mickey:

Oh, and as far as not wanting to go too often to keep it special, I know exactly what you are talking about. In fact, that was my only concern in becoming a passholder - that if we went too often it wouldn’t be as big of a deal as it used to be. So I decided that the day I stop getting choked up at Wishes I need a break:blush: Hasn’t happened yet. :biggrin:


Hahahahah you are SO asking the wrong people on if you should go or not… think we might be a little biased? :whistling

GO GO GO GO GO GO GO :biggrin:


Go for it. You definately derserve some magic after the year you had. Don’t think about, just book it and go. :mickey:


I think after everything you and your family have been through this year you need a trip. Go and have fun!!


Ugh, but why does it have to be so expensive :sad: . $1200 not including food or towncar. That is staying at POP, too. Also, anybody else not like the Disney site that you cannot see how much $$ per night any more. Maybe I am missing something but before I thought sure it said $77 per night or whatever. Now I have to figure it out by subtracting my park $. I’m looking at May 16 - 20, but I sure am leary about it being busy. The touringplans.com says it will not be that bad but I just don’t know.

It sure is easier to just think it up than it is to really do it. :huh: