Ive Got It


undefinedOh my heck. Well i finally got accepted! Im so syked. IT took them long enough to. I had to go through some background checks so it took an extra month to find out. SO i got operations!! im glad about that. Im just not sure how i am going to manage living with 5 others due to my “alternative lifestlye”. But well see how it goes. See you all there on Jan 11 Love yall!


Welcome to Disney Central and congrats on getting accepted!!!


Yay! Good for you! Welcome to DC…can’t wait to hear more about your CP adventures and your new life working for the mouse! keep us posted!


Welcome to DC- Kepp us posted on where you are—I’ll be there Jan 14th and will stop by and say “hi!”


hey congrats!!! I just got into the International program…I’ll be there March 14th!
Thats great you got operations, I’ll be doing attractions, so same thing :mickey:
I’m a little worried about living with 2-8 other people as well, it’ll be hard to adapt to everyones personalities!
Can’t wait to see you out there!!!

also, welcome to Disney Central!!! :smile:


Congratulations, that is so exciting.
Welcome to DC, hope you stick around and let us know how it works out for you.


Welcome to DC! Congrats on getting in, let us know how it goes!


Yeah well thanks for the encouragmnent fellas! So a little about me, Im georg no e on the end a little wierd. Im tall and clumsy (per what friends say) I am very direct and to the point. I have been very succesful in life thus far<<<<<Yeah right no im really cool to hang out with i dont “Pounce” Im really chill and mellow. I have been to WDW once but i was a small small child…all i remember was being totally pissy because 2000 leagues under the sea was closed. THATS IT. I cant wait to go maybe i can meet a few cool guys on this thing so we can meet up and try to get an apt together (just because i like to know people before sharing with them lol… Well guys let me know who ya are! BYE For Now


How long will you be working there?


Congratulations to you!! And a very warm welcome to DC–just know you will love it here! Let us know where you will be and maybe we can stop by in February and say HI!


Well i start on January 11 and go to may 19 i think. It should be fun but im still aprehensive about living with a few guys. Let me know how it is down there!