I've Got Kingdom Hearts II!


So yeah, guess what I got for a birthday present. That’s right, a copy of Kingdom Hearts II and a special copy of the official players guide!!! (I’ll never use the guide of course, it just came with the gift).

Well, OK, so I don’t have the actual game because it hasn’t come out yet, but it is on reserve and I’ll be among the first to get it when it comes out, hopefully in March!!! Anyone else geared up for this game or what?!


what is kingdom hearts II?


Iv’e been geared up for this game since they’ve change the release date 3 times now. I’ve had a copy on reserve since November 16, 2004. Hope I get it soon before I forget what Sora looks like.


Oh Jeany, it’s only the most anticipated sequel to the greatest video game I’ve ever played! The perfect marraige of Final Fantasy games to the immortal characters of Disney.


Dang rlander, are we the only ones geared up for the game?! I mean, this game will feature visits to the world of Tron and Pirates of the Carribbean for cryin out loud!


me too me too!!! Rowdy that is beyond awesome. lol. I am sooooo excited for it!! I still have yet to beat KHI… my game got stuck when I was right about to do the last battle. :crying: I can’t WAIT for KHII!!! Is there a website or anything for it? I think I remember a site for the first one… maybe…


I got KH for my gameboy for my birthday from my kids, and, well, it’s too hard.


I can’t imagine looking forward to KH2. KH1 seems impossible!


Actually, there are many sites for the game. Try This One to find the game of all games!!


I’ve never even heard of this game, I or II… I’m gonna have to go check it out…


i have the japanise version of the game. i am really confused in the game. i dont understand anything in the game.


But I bet it still looks extremely beautiful!


Mine is on reserve as well. I’m still playing the first KH. It’s worth the wait. It looks like it’s going to rock. : )



My daughter wants that game so bad! What is the anticipated release date?


OK I don’t have an official date. I’m pretty sure mid-March is the release date. Better go ahead and beat KH1 again to be caught up.


The tentative release date is April 15, 2006 but that may change.


I must get the first one but I will need a PS2 to play it on…


I’ve been geared up for this game for a long time! I’ve preordered mine already (and I never use the guides anyway either) I can’t wait!