I've got to be honest with ya


none of the Disney restaurants are making me excited for our
up coming Christmas trip.:ohmy::eek: Over the trips we have
had some very good meals at several of them but I need new
menus, you know different stuff:ohmy: Maybe it just because
I’m old and cranky :laugh: I’ll be almost sixty on our trip!:eek:
So, I am looking at all the sites out there concerning Orlando
restaurants. I want for example a great (big boy) buffet:laugh:
with many quality things not for volume but for taste. So, we
at least Helena and myself will be off proberty for most of our
diners. Da boys can come with us but they don’t mind where
they eat, they would love any with ketchup on it!:laugh: So,
I will tell you all which restaurants I pick and if you have any
favorites out of the parks let me know.
I thank you kindly


Although not buffets, but we love both Bahama Breeze and Mimi’s. There are a couple of them near Disney.


I think it is called Angels seafood buffet it is south of WDW over by westgate town center on the main road. I keep saying I am eating there but we have not yet always run out of time before getting to it. they have all you can eat crab legs , lobster tail an other things. I have heard it is good play to eat…
hope that might be of some help.


This one sounds good, Johnnies Hideaway, menu has
different things. I don’t want you to think we are just
looking for buffets because that was just an example.
Fine dining, local legends you know that kind of stuff


We really have enjoyed Ming Court on International Drive. Over the years we’ve gone there occasionally and the food is always fresh and delicious. Everyone is use to their own neighbourhood Chinese food - so when we go we just ask the server to bring us something they think we would enjoy. We’ve never been disappointed.


Anybody done this place before? Ceviche Tapas Bar
and Restaurant? ceviche.com


We went to BB Kings, and it was good. The music was nice and the whole family enjoyed it. I also got a coupon for it @ restaurant.com


FRANCO54, maybe you are getting old and nothing pleases you. Any and everything you could want can be found at WDW. The older I get, the better I was also.


Well, you can drive over to Universal and eat at either of Emeril’s restaurants. There’s one in City Walk and one in the Royal Pacific.
There is a full blown high end Italian restaurant at the Portofino, called Mama Della’s.

I have eaten at Ran-Getsu on I Drive which is a really good Japanese restaurant. It must be, it has always been loaded with Japanese diners, plus they have authentic Taiko drums in their courtyard. It is very highly rated.
On Disney property, don’t overlook Shula’s and Todd English’s bluezoo at the Dolphin or Il Mulino at the Swan.
I’m sure there’s plenty others and if you’re at Sea World, don’t forget about Sharks, unless the thought of watching a large tank of sharks swim about as you eat scares you too much.
I would however avoid Boston Lobster Feast!
Bahama Breeze is ok. There’s one outside WDW on Vineland and one on I Drive. I’ve even eaten at the one on I Drive. In many ways, it’s Rain Forest without all the heavy theming and isn’t that special for me because there are a flock of them here in South Florida. You can find their menu on line.
Bahama Breeze - Menus - Fish, Chicken, Salads, Seafood, Pizza, Pork and Beef


I made a mistake. Since the last time I was at Portofino Bay, it looks like they’ve scaled back Mama Della’s and the upscale restaurant is called Bice Ristorante.
They get generally good reviews but all note it is on the pricey side.


We have done Bluezoo (2) Victoria&Alberts (1) Yachtsman
Steakhouse (every trip still a favorite) We will still do
Artist Point, we have done both of Emeril’s down the road
and always the California Grill (although the blush is off
the rose here, the first two trips with the good food and
the excitment of the fireworks were really fun) Fultons
Crab House,Spoodles (adios) Flying Fish, all of the buffets,
The other signature restrarants and just about all the park
restaurants just don’t appeal to us. The buffets off proberty
are IMHO are kind of funky:ohmy: At any rate you get my
point that we have been there done that and out of the
eight nights we are there at Christmas I will likely pick four
of our still favorite ones.
PS Now I don’t want you all to think I am a WDW food snob:ohmy:
Some of our best meals have been very inexpenive and my poor
Mangino’s at SOG:crying: The best linquni and white clam sauce
and fried calamari around has had a menu change over now will
concentrat on chicken wings and burgers:crying: No more Andre
Boccelli music in the background:crying: