I've gotta tell ya


I am having a hard time staying on proberty for our ADR’s! I am as big of a
disney fan as anybody but the menus are putting a damper on things. We
have done all the the big ones once too often and we want to try some of
the others but some of the restaurants menus are small at best with just a
few selections in each of the groups. I get the fact that Disney wants to
move folks in a quick manner but so do the other places in Orlando and else
where. Take for example Spoodles menu, (a much liked restaurant here) and
then look at Emeril’s at Universal. I know people will say, well just as long as
the selections are good we don’t care about how many there are to choose.
But Emeril’s or even the Thcop Chop have long menus and everything sounds
great. Our ADR’s for this July trip are set, I am working on our Christmas trip
now. The ones I have so far are Mangino’s, Wolfgang Puck Cafe (first time)
Thcop Chop, Emeril’s. House of Blue’s Gospel Brunch. So come on people, I
want to see some menus, help me out here! Thank you kindly


menus for Disney?


No I really don’t need menus, I have been looking at ALL the sites with them for several years now. I am just whining about the lack of choices you have
at many of the restaurants.


Oh Sorry, LOL!!


unfortunately I have to agree with you on this one- not that the other rest in other locations are any better- but it does get frustrating to have average meals at elevated prices when you are on vacation at the happiest place on earth. We just chalk it off to the convenience of eating on site and call it a day. I dont count on the nice and expensive restraunts having the same quality as I would find here (however Im spoiled being that Im halfway between NYC and Boston)

My dh would never agree to eating offsite- it would take too much stress and time…


Look at this as a chance to expand your horizons! :wink: Disney’s shortcomings are your opportunities! Please let us know how you like Emeril’s. He just annoys the heck out of me so I’m interested to hear how his food fares.

I’m a pretty picky eater and I totally get into food ruts, so we tend to eat at the same places (that we love) all the time. Occasionally a restaurant will fall off the list, but it’s always replaced with another “regular” very soon. Also, our typical 4-5 day trips don’t leave much room for new restaurants because we always want to eat at our favorites every time we’re there. Our 16-day trip in Sept-Oct is the first time we’re going to be able to try completely new places.

I have to agree with you, though, that the menus are often “short and sweet.” For instance, I probably won’t ever eat at Brown Derby because nothing appeals to me on their relatively small menu. Same with the primarily seafood restaurants.


I agree with you Franco. I had a hard time choosing for our trip - because it’s a case of been there, done that. We’re trying Raglan Road this year for something new.


Llama, I love your little kneeding Lucifer!


I guess I have to somewhat agree. I love great food and restaurants as much as the next guy, but I just don’t look for it, or expect ‘Ducasse’ (New Yorkers will know what I mean here) when I 'm in WDW. I love that fact that there are varied places to try, and not all burgers and fries.

I remember the first time I ate at WDW with the DDP was at Tonys in MK, and my first response was “Geez, this is a really limited menu.”

But, I get over that pretty quick when I’m there!


Isn’t he cute?:laugh: All thanks to that Avatar genius, R2G!


Yes Bali, the DW argrees with you, he is like that with her. But his restaurants
are top notch IMHO. Just go and check out his menus, and those are in very
busy areas also. It’s not just for me that I look, our family of four is getting
a little better in trying new things, but my taste are different from our boys
and visa versa. So when I look at a menu I need to look at it from the eyes
of all four of us, and just because there may be something I like does not
mean I want the boys eating fried stuff all the time. I like the whole idea of
eating out (we don’t do it often at home) I want the nice appetizer , the
nice main course, dessert, I want the whole package. We have had great
meals at WDW, it just would be nice to have more choices.


I understand what you mean,Franco. I wonder if anyone has ever just asked Disney why the menus are so small at their restaurants?


I think the menu’s are small for the ease of preparation. You don’t have a chef “creating” on the fly…
I guess I am not a connoiseur because I have been to WDW about 16 times and sill have a pile of places to try, and Ive been some of the places just once so I wouldn’t know much of the even limited menu. It comes down to atmosphere…C. Grill and the Fireworks or Drive around orlando for Emeril. Of course they have a superior menu, they are trying to pull the tourist away.


I really like Tchop Chop (or however it’s spelled) at UO/RPR but it’s a whole evening.

I’ve always considered the food at WDW to be 100% acceptable for what it is, theme park food. It’s not expensive, I actually think they offer ‘pretty good’ value.

WDW isn’t Las Vegas or Manhatten. It’s a family vacation destination.

When I think of WDW I think of attractions not meals. The meals are the fuel to run to attractions and sometimes, when Minnie gives me a hug, they become attractions.


We have done the California Grill, Victoria&Albert’s, Yachtsman Steakhouse,
Flying Fish and just about all of the “must do” restaurants. Most of the buffet
character meals, so we do have a feel for Disney’s restaurants. I think if you
are a avid Disney fan, as we are,you might feel slighted my having your meals
made with “ease of preparation” in mind. And we are just like 99.9% of people
who go to Disney, we save up to do it, and we all know it ain’t easy! So, when you say that Disney’s food is a bargin that may be walking a fine line.
For a family of four, like us, we can drop $125.00-$175.00 in a heartbeat! And
as far as “driving around” Orlando looking for restaurants, that is not the case,
we love the “other parks” and when they have nice restaurants it is a bonus.
Listen, I am just a regular guy that eats good food at home but it is not so
glamorous as nice restaurants. I would like to think we can have it all, the parks,resorts,and the restaurants. Whatever your opinion may be, are we not
very, very lucky to be discussing such wonderful things!!
God Bless America!!!:happy:


Hey Franco… we lived in teh Midwest for a long time, and they have a hamburger chain there called Steak & Shake… the burgers and fries are delicious, and the shakes are great. We were so happy to find one just outside the gates by Marketplace!!!

Also, we ate at a tropical bar/restaurant in the back of the Gooding’s shopping center in the same area… it is called Pebbles, and it was fantastic, with excellent cocktails.


Try Blue Zoo, it is in the Dolphin resort, but it is gorgeous, the food is amazing, and it really isn’t known by a lot of people.

It’s Manhattan priced, but it is not a Disney resturant, so expect to get what you’re paying for, not just to be served with WDW napkins.


Wow. For us we find Disney’s restaurants (especially the ones run by Disney, not just on property) really good and more affordable than many places we have here :huh: – but to each their own!



If you’re venturing over to Uni to eat, be sure to try Mythos (except it’s in the IOA park) and Margaritaville too.

We also really liked the other restaurant at RPR next to Tchoup Choup: Jake’s American Bar. It’s decorated like a WW2 Pilot’s club in the South Pacific. Very cool! And the food was quite good. We’ve been there at least 3 times and will definitely go back. Never too crowded and they have karaoke on several nights a week! woo-hoo!!