I've heard a lot of reasons to go to WDW but


this one takes the cake…

Mom who reported own abduction is charged - CNN.com


I know! Seriously! She must have lost her mind! :ohmy:

The crazy thing is, she left two other children home! Huh? :confused: Plus they are saying she was dealing with marital issues and financial issues. She took out all this cash and went to Disney and stayed at the Grand Floridian? What was she thinking?:confused:

Is she a MB member?:eek:


I seen this last night on the news and posted a thread in chit chat.
. This mom is nuts! I’m upset because the DD is going to have bad memories of WDW now for the rest of her life.


Agreed … This little girl will have bad memories due to the fact that her bone headed mother did this !!!


Didn’t even think of that! You are so right, I mean they arrested her mother in the GF!


Thats a trip report Im dying to hear.


When I first read this story this morning, that familiar music came into my head and I thought “Bonnie Sweeten…you’ve just been abducted! What are you going to do next? I’m going to Disneyworld!”


Disney seems like such a random choice for someone to go to if they are faking an ‘abduction’, Id love to know just what she was thinking! One last hurrah? An attempt at giving her daughter some final happy-ish memories?? But then what about the other two children?? It seems so so strange - and crazy!


Alright … I had to jump back on to respond to this again … Here is my attempt at humor !

They should have let her stay and work the 1900 Park Fare as " The Wicked Mother" …

See what I did there …? I took out the “Step” … no … nothing huh ?

Oh well … back to work


WOW :angry:


I give her credit she went where we all want to be, and she stayed at the GF. Two thumbs up on resort selection. You know they say if your going to go, go big. I wounder if she is a MBer and will give a TR HAHAHA.


That was pretty funny! :laugh:
Now she’s staying in a much less fancy room.


[QUOTE=ddoll;963662]That was pretty funny! :laugh:
Now she’s staying in a much less fancy room.[/QUOTE]

Certainly is a major downgrade! What parents do to their kids never ceases to amaze me!


I know it’s NOT a funny situation AT ALL! A pretend abduction is NOT something to laugh about BUT… I’m sorry, when I heard where they found them on the news this morning I started BUSTING out laughing.

I mean this woman creates a FAKE car accident & abduction, puts her child in serious jeopardy, STEALS her friend’s ID to hop a plane, makes a fake phone from the ‘trunk of a cadillac that supposedly belongs to two men that took her,’ and WHERE DOES SHE GO?!?!?!!? WALT DISNEY WORLD of course.

hahaha, I am sorry, I know it’s serious & horrible but I couldn’t stop laughing this morning when I saw that they arrested her at the GRAND FLORIDIAN!!! Imagine being a guest there right now & swimming in the pool; “Hey did you hear that woman who faked abduction just got arrested here this morning?” OMG. :laugh:

Of course Daniel, Mr. Innappropriate Humor said, “well I hope they at least let the little actually GO to the Magic Kingdom today. Cause if they just take her into custody without letting her see Mickey first that would be a REAL kick in the gut.”


Some people will do anything to get to Disney to see the Boss Mouse


Did she get a bounce back offer?

Did she make the abduction call from the great movie ride hijacked car?

Is her favorite attraction Stitche’s great escape?

Can I have her ADRs?

Was the most serious charge pool hopping?




Wel at least she did it big. Wouldn’t have been as spectacular being arrested at ASM.


Did the arresting officers have those big Mickey Hands on …? Now that would have been cool ! Or maybe have them wearing Mickey Ears ? hmmmmmmmm…


I heard this morning she checked into the Grand Floridian and I laughed!
The most expensive hotel on property!