Iwannapincodetoooo! (sniff-sniff)


OK, I want to know what everyone is doing to possibly increase my chances of getting a pin code for special offers. I am tired of hearing about everyone else receiving special offers and discounts…

I–WANNN—WUN—TOoooooooo!!! :glare:

Please tell me what you know!


It’s just random… sorry:huh:
I’ve gotten 1 and it was the day AFTER we booked our big family vacation.
I actually called to find out, and she told me its’ just a lottery type thing. One of my freinds have gotten over 8 of them, the real good ones too. And she NEVER uses them :mad::mad::mad:


I received 4 within 60 days October and November. I had not received one in over 2 years before the recent offers. Totally random based on the marketing crew.

We are signed up on every Disney site to increase our chances. The more they know you are out there the better your chances. I think?


Since moving to FL 5 years ago and going to Disney I don’t know how many times AND being signed up on EVERY email list Disney has ONLY this week I have gotten a pin code (for the pay $395 get a $500 GC offer)

I asked too and was told it was random. BUT, if you mention it to the CM when you call . . . they have a “magical” way of finding you a GOOD deal too. :happy:


No one knows, but it seems like most people seem to get them at a good time. I would guess that keeping up-to-date with Disney offers, having a Disney account, and perhaps buying Disney merchandise could increase your chances, but as far as we know, it’s completely random.


I only got one pin code in my life and it was a rotten one. It was around the third week in oct and I got a pin code valid for about three weeks in Nov (skipping thanksgiving week). How many people decide hmmm, I’ve got nothing to do next week, let’s go to disney ?

But I know how you feel. I feel particularly unhappy when you hear people who say “I have two different pins codes, I have to decide which is the better deal”.

I have tried all the little tips and it doesn’t seem to help me, but it can’t hurt.


I really wish they would make the pin codes so that they can be passed along to others!

Seems like a bunch go to waste. :glare:


We got one for our trip in Feb, its the first that we have ever gotten.


I have never gotten one either :frowning:


[QUOTE=MegaPowersPT;1007398]I really wish they would make the pin codes so that they can be passed along to others!

Seems like a bunch go to waste. :glare:[/QUOTE]

I agree! I have a friend of mine who is fairly new to the whole Disney trip thing…and she has gotten close to 10 of them since her first trip a year ago!!! Me? Never… :confused:

How do they arrive anyway? Email only? Or regular mail too?


I got a great one last year offering kids free during spring break but couldn’t use it due to going in June. We are planning on going this year for spring break and I bet I won’t get one. The few times I have gotten one they have been at times I couldn’t use them.


What is a pin code? I’ve never heard of it before.


Well I feel left out. I never got one nor have I heard of one. Not too many of my friends go to Disney like me, and I don’t know anyone in DVC. I hope a little bit of random finds it’s way to Penna. :laugh:


I get them all thetime but they come in my 8 yo dd name. Have no clue why but im able to use them


I got one in my mother-in-laws name. She went with us on a previous trip.