Jack Sparrow?


I read a couple of threads and am I correct in assuming that spotting this character (outside of the pirate tutorial) is rare? For some reason my wife wants to meet him.:laugh:


I did not see him on my trip just a few days ago. I wish I had, but alas, no Jack Sparrow. :crying:

They are starting a new Pirates movie (as of yesterday actually) so I’m sure there will be more ‘sightings’ of him in the future to promote the movie. Guess I’ll have to stalk…errr look for him then. My oldest met him when Pirates 2 was being released and said he played a great Capt Jack.


He was at the Pirates and Princess party but there was a 4 hour line!!!
The only other place I have seen him was at Castaway Cay (DCL) as you walk to the beach. We had our photo taken with him and the Dutchman. :slight_smile:
Good Luck!


It’s all about luck!!!
We were there early May and walked from Small World to POTC just as they were starting the Pirate Tutorial. We have never seen it but had always wanted to for the fact that our DD loves Capt’n Jack. I don’t even know who to ask inside MK for showtimes. I guess it’s all about good timing!

2008 … we were leaving P&P party and stumble upon the meet and greet with Cap’n Jack by accident… so again it’s about timing and LUCK!!! :pirate:


We saw him once. We were walking around and there he was (like Wall said its all luck). It took us a few minutes to figure out if it was really Depp or not. That guy was a perfect likenss.