Jake and the Neverland Pirates


My son is obsessed with them and we are going in May. Do they have merchandise at HS for them yet?


Oh yes. Merchandise. A new spot in the Disney Junior Live on Stage Show, AND…a meet and greet with Jake himself coming soon!


I’m so glad to hear this! My DD’s LOVE Jake and the Neverland Pirates!! My oldest DD makes me DVR them for her while she is in school :laugh:


My boys are loving this too! So glad to see something geared a little larger than early preschool!!!


This is great to hear even though he is still a baby my DS is obessed with Jake, Mickey, and Manny. We plan to do the Disney Junior show when we go in Oct. We had also planned to go to H&V for breakfast.


ugh jake!!! pre schooler crack! at least this will cheer my dd5 up. she is going to be so disappointed when she hears lotso isn’t meeting anymore.


DD5 just discovered this show a few weeks ago when we pulled it up in the On Demand menu. She has proceeded to watch the same 3 shows over and over (and over!) for the past 3 weeks! She’s driving her brothers crazy, but she can’t get enough of it. We have since figured out when the new episodes air, so hopefully she’ll be able to see more episodes in the near future!


My 3.5yr old is obsessed as well.
and I can’t get that Hot Lava song out of my head :laugh::laugh:


It will be interesting to see if he is still into it by the time that we go again (perhaps next year in Feb) He will be 6 then and he is starting to transition from the younger shows to the older ones. HE still loves Mickey Mouse Clubhouse however- thats M’boy!