Jambo, everyone!


[B]My name is PJ and I’ll be your driver for the next five months while we safari through the Harambe Wildlife Reserve![/B]


I checked in to the College Program this morning and was taken into the Casting building where I got my work assignment - AK Kilimanjaro Safaris!!! It was my #1 choice and I was just so excited I actually got it that I could hardly finish the paperwork. :laugh:

Baloo doesn’t have internet up in his room yet so I’ll fill you in on his behalf - he knows he’s at Adventureland/Liberty Square in the MK, but he doesn’t know exactly where yet. We have our fingers and toes crossed that it’s Jungle Cruise! Anyone who knows Baloo knows that he would LOVE to be a Jungle Cruise Skipper! He should find out Friday…

All in all, it’s been very exciting and very exhausting! Lots of running around today - check in, Casting, parking decals, class registration, housing meetings, moving into dorms… :wacko: But Disney has their act together 100% with this - we were checked into our apartments and out of Casting within 2 hours. It was such a smooth process. I was very impressed!

ok, enough rambling for now. :blush: I was just so excited over everything that’s happened today and so excited to share it with my MB family! Tomorrow is an off day, Wednesday I go to Traditions, Thursday Baloo goes to Traditions, and then Friday we both start training in the parks. You know I will keep you posted. :angel:

Have a magical night, MBers!


Congratulations, what an awesome job! Have fun, this is an adventure you will always remember.


Very exciting!! :mickey:


How exciting that you got your very first choice! Fingers crossed for Baloo. Have fun!


Congratulations!!! I am very excited to hear allabout your time there! I did not know Baloo was going to be in the CP too, ( I must of missed this some how) that is great that you both get to share the experiance(SP?) together!:mickey:


How exciting for you! Be careful I hear the Harambe Wildlife Reserve has an issue with poachers. Jungle Cruise would be my first choice*…I’m going to have to try and catch you guys.

Have fun and capture as much magic as you can!!

  • I would love to work the HM but if I did I know I would be smiling so big I would get canned.


Jungle Cruise would be my first choice too. We will have to look for you both in 2 weeks when we are down there.


Well then, in sept. we’ll just have to take the safari a couple dozen times to see our favorite tour guide over and over. :heart:


Congrats…what a fun job that will be!


How cool is that! Congratulations! What an adventure! PLEASE keep us updated!


What an awesome job! I hope you love it and crossing my fingers for Baloo!


Oh, congratulations! I’m really excited for you.

now… “Jungle Cruise for Baloo! Jungle Cruise for Baloo!”


Way to go. Have a blast.


That is so terrific!! I’ll be on the look-out for you when we’re there! Fingers crossed for Baloo!


Congrats!! Good luck Jill.


Congrats on getting your job of choice. We have our fingers crossed for Baloo!!! Can’t wait to read all about your adventures!!!


Congratulations! You’re going to have an amazing time!!! Enjoy every nano-second of it!


Congrats, PJ!!! We will look for you in September and this time, I will actually say “hello.”:wacko::laugh:


Congrats… it is so awesome that you got your first choice. Cant wait to hear all about your adventures…


Wow that is fantastic news!!! I’ll look for you Labor Day weekend! Good luck for Baloo!