Jambo House or Kidani Village


I am trying to decide which one to stay at. I have stayed at Kidani and loved it, but never at Jambo House. I have people coming with us who probably won’t go to the parks (clutch my pearls :eek:) so I am leaning towards Jambo because they have more to do as far as activities. Any thoughts?


We have stayed at both a few times and love both resorts so I dont think that you can go wrong with either… If I had to chose I would go with Kidani… I like the small feel of the resort, and the under ground parking, pool etc and hey its not really a bad walk to Jambo house or a quick bus ride over…


Jambo House is my favorite. Nothing like the first time you walk in to that magnificient lobby, to which Kidani did nothing for me. Also the benefit of having counter service on site is a plus. I think the only draw back is being picked up second with the buses, to which I am hearing a lot of complaints about lately.


What do they want out of the trip? If it is total relaxation Kidani would be my choice. If they want the coffee shop and store close then Jambo.


Jambo House is our second home, nothing can compare to the atmosphere there! We’ve stayed a few times now and have loved every second of it! We have yet to stay in Kidani but after speaking to a few CM’s we are friends with in the Mara, we would be less likely to venture a stay in Kidani. They seemed to think that Kidani’s main house was small, dark and pretty quiet, they all much preferred working over at Jambo.


I agree with all points. My DH just loves the fact of eating at Boma and taking an elevator home. We don’t drive at disney, so parking doesn’t matter to us.

Our last trip we walked over to kidani and was surprised how small the main lobby was. Side story…we walked following the signs on the sidewalks and it seemed forever. Coming back to Jambo House, we walked thru the kidani buildings and only a short walk on the sidewalks.


The walk between the two was only about 3 mins. I loved Kidani! It was small and it it dark, but since we went with a group, I got to see who I wanted. One of my in-laws will be coming and she has 4 small children and since she doesn’t do the parks she would take them over to Jambo House. So I was thinking this might be more of a convenience for her.


I think I want to experience Jambo House at least once and then I would probably stick with Kidani. I want to see what each offers. I know I felt like Jambo had more food choices.


I want relaxation and amenities. LOL I like the store at Jambo House better, but the atmosphere of Kidani’s store better because they knew us.


I did like the attention I received at Kidani. I didn’t use the gym, but DH and DF did. Does Jambo have a gym?


Now something I found interesting, if you go on DVC’s website and use the point calculator, it cost more points to stay at Kidani than Jambo house. But when you look at the points chart there is no difference. I don’t think there should be a difference.


Oh how I wish that I could add an answer to your quethchion but sadly, I have never stayed at either.


I have stayed at Kidani. We loved the closeness of the pool and the great view of the animals. I dont think you can go wrong with either choice, they are close to each other. If your guests aren’t going to the parks, then they will have plenty of time to explore around the resort.


Last March I had the opportunity to stay in both, within a four day trip. I stayed at Jambo House the first night - it was a first in many ways because I was on my own and dh was meeting me the next day at Kidani Village. Both are beautiful properties, but while Jambo House has the “feel” of a first class Disney resort, Kidani has the “feel” of a first class DVC property. I can never put my finger on what it is; there’s just a different atmosphere at DVC properties. They are both beautiful. If they aren’t - GASP! - “park people”, then they’d probably like the quieter atmosphere of Kidani Village - once they find their way out of what most be the most convoluted parking garage in the universe.


It’s ok Dopey, I will pick your brains abouut something else. :blush:


Good point.


I know it ishard to imagine everyone is not a park person. :eek: