Jan. 12 - Jan. 18 + Jan. 18 - Jan. 20!


Hi !!! I don’t have a lot of time to write a trip report tonight but quickly… (and again, sorry for all the mistakes)

Our trip was planned from Jan. 12 to Jan. 18 ! Me, my husband, my sister and her husband. It was cold during the first 3 days ! We had our coats and mittens on during the day.

Day 1, we arrive at our hotel at the beginning of the afternoon and then leave for Magic Kingdom. The guys never went to DW before but 2nd time for me and my sister, so we were acting as “guides” and loving it! Last time we went was in 2009 (January again)… so Splash Mountain was closed AGAIN but since it was so cold we would’ve not ride it anyway for sure ! My husband couldn’t resist the Turkey Leg, he had to buy one ! haha !

Day 2 was at DHS and it was the coldest day of all. We had to watch Fantasmic that night because the other day we planned at DHS they were not doing the show. I wore one long sleeved shirt, one hoodie, a coat, a scarf, gloves and a hat + had a fleece blanket and I was freezing… all of this and at the end of Fantasmic, the dragon was nowhere to be found. NO DRAGON! Talk about bad luck! So the guys thought the show wasn’t worth the wait and sitting in the cold… of course ! Without the dragon… Fantasmic becomes a lot less interesting in my opinion.

Day 3 at Epcot, super nice day, the guys loved the park, especially Test Track and WS!

Day 4 at AK, sunny again ! We were able to ride Expedition Everest 3 times in a row because they let people ride it even though the park is closed ! So we went at like 4h40pm, came out, entered the line again 5PM… entered again… 5h15pm! hehe ! it was so cool! but after 3 times in a row I started to feel a little dizzy! hahaha!

Day 5 at MK again, we watched all the parades that day and Wishes :slight_smile:

Day 6 at DHS again. Oh lord… the insane RAIN for all morning and half of the afternoon. My shoes and pants were soaking wet. Terrible. When the rain started to calm down, we went back to the hotel to change socks and shoes. Such a relief !

Then … last day (no park)… we go to Downtown Disney for lunch and come back to the hotel to leave for the airport. As we arrive at the airport, we notice our flight has been cancelled… they switched us on another flight… 2 days LATER ! hahahhaa! We panicked a little bit but there was nothing we could do… so we head back to Pop Century !!! Since we had one full day + one half day ahead of us… we kindly ask the concierge if it was possible to have low price park tickets (for the next day) since we stayed at the hotel for almost a week. Since we already checked out and our “vacation package” was over we thought she would say no. But then she made our day by saying : 5$ per park ticket. OMG !!! I could not believe it!

So the next day me and my husband went back to MK and my sister and her husband chose Epcot. It was a BEAUTIFUL “bonus” day, the warmest since the beginning of our trip!! We were so happy, just walking around in the park, holding hands, fresh popcorn scent in the air. And then on the last day, we went back to DD a little before we left for the airport. What is really awesome is we bought a vacation insurance for this trip so the extra hotel and food fees we had to pay because of the cancelled flight is gonna be refunded by the insurance company !!! Imagine, staying @ DW for two more nights and the only thing you pay is 5$ for park entrance haha ! Truly a MAGICAL day :wink:

Here are some pictures :slight_smile:
MouseBuzz.com - Neverland’s Album: My 2011 Vacation


What a magical ending. Congrats on what sounds like a relaxing vacation.


Awesome pics!! Did someone in your party take them?


Thank you ! and yes, the pictures were taken by my sister ! :biggrin: of course except for the two pictures including the four of us ! The photopass photographer took them with my sister’s camera though :redface:


Great Pictures. And I love that the link was right at MB with the pictures. Sometimes people post a link and it goes to ??? and I’m thinking “ok, what do I click now”. So thank you for making it so easy for the computer challenged (like me). :flowers:


Sorry about the cancellations but it seemed to have worked in your favor, YAY!!!
(which btw thank you for writing that, I am trying to convince a friend how important travel insurance is) and your pictures are AMAZING!!! you are so beautiful!!!


Wow, great! Glad the insurance paid off for you. Great pictures.


Great Pics! Is that a cream cheese pretzel I see, so YUMMY! My favorite snack in all of WDW.


What a great way to end a vacation!!!
And, I must say I loved your pictures. Your poses with the characters were great, unlike the usual hugging pictures. Also, I LOVE your minnie mouse bow in your hair!!! Not everyone could pull that off, but it looks beautiful on you!!!


Where did you find Mike and Sully? Despite the weather, you guys look like it was a fun time.

…and PS you just sold me on the insurance option.


What a great thing to have happen. Magical.
Love your pictures - how cute are all of you!?


Boss Mouse Cute, that’s how cute.


Great TR. I love Bonus Disney!


Fab TR and gorgeous photos! I love the sepia one of you and your husband by the castle- you guys are so good looking! Thanks for sharing those, I really enjoyed them all.


Awwww thank you everyone ! I’m glad you enjoyed the pictures !!! :smiley:


:tongue: :nonono2: