January deals ever?


Have a friend planning a WDW trip in January 2013. (10th - 18th)
In general are there any deals in january?
Where can you find the best package deals for January?
(This is Marathon time)
Any tips on getting the best rates appreciated


Hello! There are always deals to be had in January, marathon week or not. My best suggestion is telling your friend to book now, start to pay slow and have any discounts applied to the reservation as they release.

January is seriously one of the best months to go.


We went last January and got Free Dining. It was either the 2nd or 3rd week in January, can’t recall for sure. It was actually a little more crowded than I would have thought. A lot of tour groups from other countries. We’re going again next Jan. I’m hoping it will be a little warmer. Last time I wore my winter coat most of the time.


I love going right after the holiday rush. The place is empty, ad everyone goes back to school. Discounts galore. Dana says, “Book now.” I usually wait until the deal is offered."