January discounts


Going to WDW in January, and I am wondering if there is anyone here who knows when (if) there will be any discounts, free dining etc during that time and if so, when I can find out? Hoping there will be something good to come along. Trip will be end of January 2007.


There are usually always a discount in January. Free dining,. however, I doubt. You never know of course with WDW, but I don’t think it will happen. Keep checking mousesavers.com and our front page here at Mousebuzz.com You will get all the latest information here and there.


Like Dana said, keep yours eyes on Mousebuzz, we are alway among the first to hear about the discounts.

I’d just like to add that you picked the absolute best time of year to visit WDW, in my opinion. :mickey:


do these discounts ever get offered for the value resorts? i was thinking it is usually for moderate or deluxe only.


I don’t know of any, but if I come along one I’ll tell you. :mickey:


There are discounts for all resorts…not just mods and deluxes. The amount you save however will depend on what tpye of resort you are staying at. The more you pay for the room per night, the larger the discount will be. Take a peek at the discounts listed on the front page for oct - dec. That will give you an idea of how it works.

Ingamba -
I also love going in Janaury…best time to go to the world in my opinion too.


The current discounts, that run through a couple of days before Christmas expire the end of September, so you won’t see anything for January before that. My guess is we may see sometime in late October for January. Last year, the discount was you got the upgrades to the park passes for free (park hopping and water park and more options), along with a small discount on the package in total. It was pretty decent. To give you an idea, it was released on November 1 last year, and Disney is trying to release them a bit sooner, so middle to end of October.



I’m going in January, too! I have been looking so hard for a discount for january, but unfortunately no such luck. Please, if you find anything tell me.:happy: :happy: :happy: :happy:


Me too in January!! Yah!!


Like Mickey said, January discounts were pretty slim this year.The upgrades were not enticing for us. How I WISH free dining was offered this year.


Last January we got an upgrade to the concierge level at Grand Floridian… so we kinda had free dining because of the snacks they serve during the day…


when the park is that empty, you can usually upgrade the room for a fraction of the cost.