January in WDW


What are January Crowds like?? What about the Weather??


When we have gone in late January crowd levels have been very low. I really enjoy going that time of year, but the weather can be dicey. Be prepared for anything from low 80’s to low 60s during the days and 60s to high 30s at night. As an average figure mid 70’s daytime, high 50s night time. Rain is usually of the 15 minute shower variaty and very managable.

My DW is the queen of being prepared, the first couple of times I laughed at her for bringing such a variaty of clothes. But we somehow use everything from the shorts to the jackets each trip, lol.

I have heard that the crowds are increasing, but I think that is true across the calendar.

I will be there from the 19th till the 26th this year and cannot wait ! ! ! !



ok thank you I will be packing everything aswell especially if the weather is that unpredictable!


just be sure to avoid MLK weekend and the marathon weekend …if possible. if not, crowds are still pretty low. we will be there the 7th-12th. same time as we were last year…very low crowds…no waits on alot of rides. great weather…best time of year IMHO. !!

have fun!! :c)


We’re going MLK weekend. I didn’t think the crowds would be bad. Now I’m not so sure.


I was at WDW last Jan and the crowd level was low. The temps were also great. Just like Dec though you never know what type of weather you are going to get.


I’ve been there the past two Januarys (Januaries?) and it’s been chilly (50’s/60’s) most of the time, but there have been a couple of days of 70’s, which allowed for swimming!

Crowds are non-existant.

It’s a great time at WDW.


We are going to be there MLK weekend I am hoping for lite crowds!


Well I arrive on the 12th of Jan. Even though it is Marathon weekend…hopefully it won’t be too bad at the parks.


I think you might see a surge over the holiday weekend, but I bet it’s still pretty quiet! Have fun!!!


We just had a cold snap here in Sunny Florida…It was down to Freezing. There was snow showers in Daytona. Yes the weather can be dicey be very prepared to dress warmly


my last trip in january was crowded but there was a special thing going one me first trip was not that crowded


Crowd levels are generally quite low. There is still enough people for it to not seem like a ghost town but you will find you can pretty much get on any rides/attractions without a long wait. The temperature is cool ( I would suggest taking a light sweater with you in case) but nothing horredously cold. Mind you, when we stayed there one January there were people walking around in gloves and scarves! So i guess the cold is all relative to how you persobally feel the cold. In the Uk we are used to lots of cold weather so we tought the temp then was lovely compared to Jan in England! I would say it was prob mostly late 70’s