Jedi Training Academy still going on?


I know Star Tours is closed for rehab (can’t wait to see the new version!) but is the Jedi Training Academy still going on while the ride is closed?
DS is so disappointed that he won’t be able to ride while we’re there, this would help!



It was still running last week! My DS6 did this and LOVED it! I hope your son has fun too!

They have a photopass photographer there during the show, and they take great pictures, so be sure to take advantage of that.

Also, they only take a certain number of kids for each show, so it does take some planning to make sure you get a spot.

Can’t wait to hear how it goes!


Thanks! It looks like so much fun! We never managed to see it last year, so hopefully this time DS will be able to participate. It will help make up for missing the new Star Tours.

Is there an age limit? DS is 10.


They do not pick the kids out of the crowd any more. You will need to get there early and register and then come back a few hours later. You can get in on standby, but they only do a few kids on standby. IMHO, it is not the same as it used to be.

Also, they train twice as many kids as they used to, but only half of the kids get to go up against Darth Vador. The other half battle someone else. When we went it was Darth Mal (sp).


My DGD did it two weeks ago. I wasn’t with them at the time, but the photopass guy took about 10 pictures of her. I was surprised how many showed up on the photopass cd.