Jedi Training Academy


Where do we go to sign up for the jedi training academy? We will be at the park at opening.


Not sure if it’s the same spot, but in August there was a sign up near the Sounds Dangerous attraction.


Thank you very much Dana. Now if I can just convince her to get up on stage.


Is the signup a clearly marked area or is it just a CM standing around with clipboard?


There was a sign and it was clearly marked. If it’s not there, ask when you are going through the turn-styles! I WANTED to do it but they said I was too old:laugh:


…we saw them displaying what they learned on the stage right next to the entrance to Star Tours…it looked like a lot of fun…


We showed her a youtube video last night. And she has agreed to do it. I avoided showing her the one of the lil girl who tried to join the dark side lol. Less than 24 hours away.


…Let me tell you…my 25 year old “little girl” was jealous that they didn’t have this when she was young…:laugh: