Jedi Training


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Wow…that’s interesting. A larger Star Wars presence at MGM is definitely a cool thing… JD is soooooo excited to do this in May. Star Wars Weekends is all he can talk about…


That sounds cool! I have 2 HUGE Star Wars fans in my house! They would love that!


That is so cool my son just loves Star Wars I take it this is an on going event we will be there soooooon

Hours away


Whoah…dans! 12 hours away!!! Alright!! Have an absolutely WONDERFUL time!! :cool:


Hey, I actually saw this yesterday when I was at MGM! I had no idea what was going on, but I guess now I know. :laugh: It’s right in front of the huge Star Wars Weekends sign right by the Star Tours ride. It looked really cute as we were walking by.


I can just see JD being a youngling!! He would be so cute.


Thanks… :wink:

He’ll get his chance in May, and I’ll be sure to post some pics… :biggrin:


Oh I’m there! That sounds too cool. :tongue:


That sounds soo cool! DS is just now getting “into” Star Wars and DH is a big fan…this will be fun in a few weeks!! :mickey:


I’ve started my stretching exercises. Time to show Dumb and Dumber who’s the man.

<get back kid, he was pointing to me>


This is great news. Last year we went to the first day of Star Wars Weekends and it was really crowded around this attraction. My 7 year old son, who is a Star Wars Fanatic, will love this. We are going this Saturday for the day and will definitely check this out.


oh, I hope that this is so popular they keep it for good. My DS would LOVE to go for a Star Wars weekend, but I tried and tried and just couldn’t swing the finances for it this year. I’m sure when we go in January, it will be too dead and they won’t be doing the Jedi training.


I saw them do it a couple of years ago. Glad to hear they’ve added so many more shows. I’m sure there were a lot of disappointed little kids before.

The big boys are still gonna be disappointed.


Oh how I hope this will last past the Star Wars Weekend…we arrive just a short time after and I have 3 HUGE Star Wars fans who would love to see this.


We’re in the same situation…arrive just as Star Wars weekends end. Maybe, just maybe, they’ll add another weekend or 2 like they did last year. My boys would be thrilled!

Cavey- I couldn’t find that info on Allears. Does it mean that the Jedi Training is a permanent thing that will be all the time and not just for Star Wars Weekends?


Are they going to be doing the Star Wars weekends still? I hope so, because we had a great time in 2003 when we were there! I honestly hope that Disney keeps them going!


Hey what about OLD Jedi Knights???


It was in their email newsletter for last week. I don’t know anything other than what was posted, but it sounds like a semi-permanent thing.



Disney is starting the Jedi Training Academy on March 27. A stage went up last night next to Star Tours and starting on March 27, the event that normally only runs during Star Wars Weekends, will be running every day from March 27 through June 11. The reason is Disney wants to test the popularity of this event and see if it could be a permanent attraction. Younglings will only battle Darth Vader (except during the actual SW Weekends when it will also include Darth Maul).

This is cool since we’ll be there the week before SWW.