Jeff Galloway's programs?


Has anyone done a 1/2 marathon using Jeff Galloways program?
If so what was your personal best using it?
I am doing the 10mile TOT run, but was just curious if it would take me longer to run/walk it rather then just running…actually I was thinking of trying to follow his program for a NON-disney run that I am also doing this year.

any info would be greatly appreciated thank you


I sort of use the Galloway method. I usually start out with a pretty consistent run/walk, but then modify it as I feel necessary. I can’t seem to do 5/1. I just can’t get a rhythm, but I do whatever feels right. I’ve done 7 halfs so far, another planned for fall with a full at new years. My best half is 2:22.


awesome thank you!!
my first half i ran, my pace was 9.22, i did stop about 3 times to catch my breath and my PB was 2:02 I couldn’t believe it, so I am pretty confident that the run/walk will keep me at about the same timing, I hope, thank you!


Pixiemom - I use this when I am running a race I am not ready for…like the last 3 half’s I have done. It is a good program and I have noticed that my time differences are of no real significance if any. I DO FEEL MUCH BETTER though after a race using Galloway. So my thoughts are, if your times arent going to be cut by more than 10 minutes or so, and you can feel much better afterwards…might as well “Galloway”.


Awesome thank you for your reply!!!


I haven’t started the training program yet. I am doing my own thing since I’m doing the Princess Half, and his training program doesn’t start for us until the beginning of October. But I have gotten advice about tinkering around with run/walk intervals during your longer runs, to see what you are most comfortable with. I’m not a natural runner so running a long race the entire way isn’t an option for me. I’m not really running for time, just to get it done.


Thank you!!!
this is my first disney event so since i already did my first half in may i am just hoping to go to really have fun and finish to.