Jelly Rolls


Do they serve meals at Jelly Rolls (Boardwalk) or is it just a lounge? Sounds like it might be fun, but want to know if we need to get dinner prior to going.



You will need to eat prior to going to Jelly Rolls… they do not serve food there. It is a great place for night life if you want to relax have a few drinks and listen / sing along to songs that you request.


As timsha said, just like going to a night club, you’ll want to eat dinner before.


Is it inappropriate for kids???


You have to be 21 to get in, so no kids. And they don’t serve food but they do have some popcorn, if I remember correctly. It is a TON of fun, one of my favorite places in WDW!



What if a minor is with an adult over 21?


I believe that Jellyrolls is a strictly 21 + establishment, much like Mannequins at Pleasure Island and you have to be 21 to get in, doesn’t matter if you are with an adult. I might be wrong, but I think that is the case.


OK, so if you had to chose between JellyRolls and Comedy Warehouse, which is more fun?


I’ve only been to Jelly rolls, so I can’t compare it to comedy warehouse, I always get to PI too late to see the show :frowning:
Oh well I only know Jelly Rolls is fun cause CM nights I don’t have to pay cover!!!
The dueling pianos is fun, but I wish there was more room to dance in there… but thats just me…


Tough choice. They’re both lots of fun, but they’re completely different experiences. The Comedy Club is 100 percent improv, so each show is different. But with the Comedy Club, you’re there just for the fairly brief duration of the show. If you go to JellyRolls, though, you can stay however long you’d like. A lot of people make a night out of it – which is what we usually do.


Is it necessary to get there early to get a seat?


I remember going, and it was crowded. But we did have a good time!!! It is definately a fun place!!! :flowers: JOANN :mickey:


When my friends and I were in WDW back in November, we planned on spending one night at Jellyrolls and ended up having so much fun that we rearranged our other plans and spent another night there - it was a blast! I have only been to Comedy Warehouse a couple of times but that was fun too. Like Park Hopper said, you can make a night of it at Jellyrolls, but Comedy Warehouse is just the one show. We closed the place down both times we went to Jellyrolls and took a cab back to POR. It was great!


As other people have said, both places are a lot of fun. Jelly Rolls is an all night thing (if you want it to be). As far as seating, most nights (except Friday and Saturday), you can get there even at 9:00, and usually get a seat. A lot depends on the size of your group too… We went one night with about 10 people, and we were scattered around as we could not get a table all together we still had a great time.


Jelly Rolls is one of my favorites. As downsouthtigger stated, CM’s go there cause it is free entry for them on certain nights and those nights have always been really crowded when I have been…but OH SO MUCH FUN!!!


Jelly Rolls is one of my favorite places in WDW! So much fun, especially if you aren’t afraid to “let loose” and sing along! Tuesday nights are CM night, so the place gets more crowded, but also more fun. We always try to go on a Tues when we’re there because of it!!!


i love jelly rolls. those guys are so talented. when rob and i went to cleveland last year and visited a dueling piano bar, i was disappointed because it wasn’t like jelly rolls at all; no one sang along, there wasn’t a lot of people, and they pianist weren’t that good. i can’t wait to go back to jelly rolls. it’s so much fun. i want to hear the song i requested the last time, “obla-di obla-da” by the beatles. when they played that, i was the happiest person on earth. it was just great. it was like the beatles were on stage singing the song. they are just so good!