Jellyrolls and Atlantic City Dancehall...cover charge?


The WDW website doesn’t seem to say what the cover charge is for either of these places, if there is any. Unless I completely looked over it.

Also, has anyone been to either locale? Just how fun is it?? =)


There is a cover charge at Jelly Rolls, not sure about Atlantic City Dance-hall. I want to say that the cover charge is around $8.00. For us, it is well worth it. We love JR’s. It is a lot of fun - sing along.


I agree, the cover was well worth it when we went. Very entertaining and intimate atmosphere. We tried to go to Atlantic City Dance Hall to swing dance only to find out it was Top 40 so we didn’t go in.


Jellyrolls is awesome ~ I’m pretty sure the cover is $10. Not sure about ADH as I have not been there yet.


It was $10.00 each last March. WELL WORTH IT. We now make it a point to go each trip. But get there early. Seats fill up quick.