I have read great things about Jellyrolls on the Boardwalk. Has anyone been and would you recommend?


I haven’t heard about Jellyrolls. But I have been told that the Dance Hall nextdoor to it is a real good time.


Jelly rolls is a great night spot to relax. It is at the end of the board walk near the Atlantic dacnce club. Fun time to sing along, and just relax. Most nights, it does not get crowded until around 9 pm.


Jelly Rolls is a blast. We’ve been and are planning to go again on the next trip - in 180 some days - WHEN I WILL BE IN A PARADE!

Really, though the place is a trip. and I mean that in good way.


I was just there a week ago. Had a great time and yes I would recommend it. I did some research after I returned home and found that it is a hangout for CM’s especially on Thursday. We suspected some of the younger people there were CM’s as one looked very much like Gaston!

It’s a piano bar so that means a smokey atmosphere. Just be aware if that bothers you.

We will definitely plan on making this part of our future Disney trips.


I :heart: Jellyrolls!!! Can’t wait to take my DH there in just over two weeks!! My friend Rebecca and I have enjoyed it on our last two trips…and since we’ll have a babysitter in tow this time, DH can finally go too!


And I thought Jellyrolls was some kind of bakery where you could get fresh pasteries and stuff. :blink:


Jellyrolls is great fun. Very upbeat and lively. There is a cover charge and it does get crowded as the night goes on. If you think you’d like to go there and stay for a while, get there early and grab a seat or you’ll be standing all night.


We went to JellyRolls last summer nad had a blast! We got there around 9 and there we’re many people there but it starting filling up around 10 and by 11 it was packed. I can’t wait to return. There is a cover and you have to be 21 to get in so bring your ID.


It’s true that a lot of CMs hang out there, especially since Thursday (and I think Tuesday also) is free for cast members. Haven’t been yet, but I hear it’s quite entertaining.


Ginger, Party Girl, I’m shocked! :laugh: Especially with you working only a stone’s throw awy from there!!!


Jellyrolls is one of my favorite non-park related Disney things to do! My friends and I hit it up twice on our trip in 2003 (we only planned on going once, but we had such a good time we went back another night).

Sadly, I couldn’t make it there this trip since we had my little cousins in tow, but I would definitely recommend it!


I’ll be there shortly. :mickey:


I was hoping that’s what is was.:laugh: :blink: :laugh:


I’ve never heard of this place! :blink: Now I’ve got to work another place into my already overly scheduled and busy trip!


i have seen it on the boardwalk, but have never been inside…


Jellyrolls is the place with the dueling pianos. Think Roger Rabbit…


Jellyrolls is awesome. We make it a point to go everytime we are at WDW.


We were there two weeks ago. I wish we had a place like JellyRolls here in CT. We had such a blast and the guys who played teh piano were AWSOME!!! Definately check it out. It is a great place to kick back and relax!


does anyone know “Howl at the Moon”? Is it anything like that?–if so, it is too much fun