Still in the early stages of planning a family trip for next June with all ages - 5 years old up to 74!

Anyway, since we are considering staying at the Beach Club this time, I was thinking of planning an evening at Jellyrolls for the “grown ups” (basically my parents and aunts and uncles). I’ve been to Jellyrolls a few times but not in years. Would it be fun for the over 60 crowd or is it a lot of College Program folks and young CMs hanging out there?


I think is fun for any age adult. Yes there are a lot of young adults there, but there are a lot of us older folks (50 + to 60 +) people. We have a great time and get in to the music and songs. I had introduced people older than us to Jelly Rolls and they have had a fantastic time.


It has always been a mixed crowd when we have gone. Cool guys like me and old fuddy-duddies like Rich.


There are adults of all ages there, including very young adults and seniors. I think it’s fun for all ages. Go early for a calmer crowd, later for a bit more energetic crowd.


I went on my solo trip last year and had a lot if fun!! The music is good!! There was a cover charge to get in but I think it was worth it!! Hey take request and everything!


Thanks, everyone! That is what I was hoping.