Jen got a dream, Jen got a dream!


I just received a text message a short time ago from Jen with a Pic
of a DREAM FAST PASS!!! :cool:

Iam soo excited for her and her family!!!

Can’t wait to hear more about it!!! :happy: :cool:


I got the message too! She said her son & two other family members were coming off of Space Mountain & received it! Her son is SO sweet, he handed it right over to mom! :wub: From the picture it didn’t look like they even touched it yet.

I honestly think I would just keep mine in tact & save it as a souvenir.



Hooray that is AWESOME! What a great start to her trip!!! :biggrin:


Not me!!! I would use that baby as fast as I got it!!! :laugh:


that’s awesome! i hope it’s the 1st of many!


I would have used it as well! No waiting for fastpass times would be awesome. You can just hit the rides as you walk around the park and not travel back and forth for different fastpass times.


How wonderful, so pleased for them.


I would stay in the park until they dragged me out by the heels! Taht is such great news!!! I can’t wait to read all about it!


This means a EXTRA SPECIAL TR is coming . . . yes!! :wub:


That is so cool. :smile:


How much fun is that!!! I can’t wait for her TR!


Oh that is wonderful news! Couldn’t have happened to a nicer family. :slight_smile:


I got her text, too. I LOVED GETTING IT!!! How AWESOME that they got a dream! Heck,they might not even need to use it if crowds are light!


Thats sooo cool… Im sooo excited for her!!


Good for her!!! YEAH!!! that is such a nice way to start her trip!


That is SWEEET!! :heart: Love it when an MB’er gets a DREAM!!


Awesome! I hope that’s the first of several dreams for them.


Good for them, what a magical way to begin their trip!


Wonderful for them! I hope the rest of their trip is as magical.