Jen's heat frenzy TR


So I am finally starting my tr from the beginning of september. We stayed at Coronado Springs resort. We arrived at 11:00 in the morning hoping our room was ready because we drove straight through the night. We also had my mother (who decided to join us three days before we left) with us and her room was in All Star Sports resort, so we drop her off to wait for her room to be ready and we check in at Coronado, they tell us that the room is not ready but it will be shortly. We decide to check out the resort and it is beautiful, the lake was gorgeous, they have a beautiful water fountain in the lobby, the kids played with a big castle in the store, we call and check if our room is ready and it still is not. We decide since it is so hot to take a quick dip in the pool, after we are through, we call again, our room is still not ready and it is 3:30 would we like to be reassigned a new room? We say sure and go back to the frnt desk and get everything changed. So we are staying in Casitas 3 which we soon find out has no elevator but lucky for us, Casitas 2 has an elevator, we get to it and after searching for our room for about 20 minutes we finally find it on the fourth floor. Anyway we are all settled in and decide to go get something to eat. We go to the food court and we have to wait in line for a table and then a group of convention people walk up and get seated right away, so I am a little annoyed now, we finally get a seat and a menu and someone comes over to get our drinks and we get our own food?? Well someone could have told us that but they didn’t. So we go up to get our food and it is like utter chaos and I try to get dessert and they tell me dessert doesn’t come with the dining plan. So we are done and never want to eat there again. The food was very good but it was very confusing.


So we head back to the room for a little siesta and decide that we can’t sit still, so we head to downtown disney for a little shopping before our reservations at O’hana’s. So after a little shopping we head to O’hana, we watch wishes from the beach at the Poly and go up for dinner, they seat us after like five minutes, our food was great and the service was excellent, we even did a little Hawaiin dance


Here are the kids in the playground at CS


Here are the kids ready for Downtown Disney


Did driving through night leave you too exhausted? We are considering doing this, but I am afraid we will arrive too tired and cranky.


The kids in front of Rainforest Cafe


No it wasn’t to bad, but my husband does all of the driving, and the first day we try and rest. But you are a bit closer I think, I have relatives in Knoxville, that is where I was born


This is my daughter in front of the dinosaur by the lake at downtown disney, Doesn’t she look gorgeous and much older than 6


This was taken back at our hotel at night, Gorgeous right?


So next morning, we are on our way and here’s a picture of the kids at the bus stop


Thought this was so cute!


So we are off to Magic Kingdom :laugh: First we head to the carpet ride, and we get off and see the Pirate Tutorial, My son loves captain Jack, so we head over there. It was so cute and the kids each got honorary pirate certificates!!


Another shot of Jack Sparrow


so of course after we did the tutorial, we headed over to Pirates of the Carribbean ride, which was awesome as usual!! And on the way out, we ended up spending some money on souvenirs. Here is my little pirate!!


So we head over to the Jungle Cruise which is so cute, we had a great tour guide who was super funny! Here is my mom and the kids on the cruise


Somebody lied to you big time. With a counter meal, you certainly get dessert!

Back to O’hana? Guess you liked it the first time.


Now dd was put in jail!


sounds great so far I cant wait for my trip already


I know you get a dessert, they were so nasty, I was so confused! We love O’Hana, we make it a definite everytime we go!!!


So we go over to Big Thunder Mountain and it is closed for some kind of unscheduled maintenance so we go onto the railroad, and ride over to ToonTown, we go on the Barnstormer and visit Mickey and Minnie’s House, I of course took pictures but we see tons of them so I am only going to post one of Minnie’s House