Jersey week?


Hi Everyone,

We’re considering Jersey week, which I think its the 2nd week in Nov. We’re from Jersey :slight_smile: so this works nicely.

What are the crowd levels like during this week?

We usually aim for October and the crowds have been very tolerable. We’ve also been there in January (light crowds) and the first week in March (a little more crowded but not extremely long waits.

How does Jersey week compare to October / March?

Also, (for a friend), how is July 4th week?



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I don’t have the answers. I’ve heard Jersey Week is more crowded… but I was inadvertently there during some of Jersey Week once and thought it was fine. But that was a while ago, so I’m sure someone else has more up to date information.


I thought it was the first week of November. At least it was when we were there for our 20th Anniversary almost 4 years ago. I swear I’d NEVER go back during that time again it was so crowded!!!

It also coincides with the F&W festival to make matters worse.

We’ve been there during Spring Break when our DD was younger and the crowds were tolerable. Jersey week was absolutely MISERABLE in my opinion.

We went to Universal & it was light, small crowds. Disney was shoulder to shoulder cramped & crowded. I assumed that was probably what Christmas was like.


Seems to me, Jersey Week would coincide with Election Day, followed by the weekend teachers convention and concluded with Veteran’s Day.

I can’t possibly see how Jersey Week is going to be worse than spring break, simply because there are far far more people on vacation during the spring break time frame than the anomaly of a broken up week off from school by NJ public schools that runs from the first Tuesday after the first Monday of the month to Nov 11.

And you have no idea what Christmas and New Year’s Eve are like!
Try 80,000 people in the MK and the park closed to further admissions.


I’m from Jersey too. It is 2nd week in November. We went last year 1st week in November and it was fine. Only wait we had was Toy Story as we got there too late for FP. And that was only about 35 minutes. I’ve never been 2nd week but I would guess it would be worse.


I think you’re going to have to factor in the presidential election this year possibly creating less demand.
That’s Nov 6 with the convention being on 11/8-9 and Vet’s Day landing on Sunday which will mean no school Monday Nov 12.

Again, Jersey Week depends on what day Election Day falls on and if the first Monday of the month is the 1st or 2nd so that the election is on the 2nd or the 3rd. Remember, Election Day is the FIRST Tuesday after the FIRST Monday and can therefore be as late as Nov 8 with Vet’s Day coinciding with the second day of the teachers convention.


Jersey in the house…HOOOOOO!

Jersey week is more crowded than value season, but on par with October which is more than tolerable. You will be surrounded by your own kind if you get my drift…lol think loud and maybe a few F-bombs. <—that’s a joke.:laugh:

Fourth of July is crowded…hot and crowded. Any major holiday at Disney world and even some minor holidays where kids may be off from school or parents off from work are pretty much crowded.

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The main difference with the crowds during Jersey Week is if you bump into someone by accident, there is a 50/50 chance you’ll be killed by the mafia. :cool:


Watch it Cavey. You never know when a new road project needs some fill material. :laugh:


We don’t have to put up with this kind of nonsense from someone who lives in territory controlled by “The Outfit” (aka the Chicago Mafia franchise).


We need lots of land fill material to build Florida roads!:laugh:
There’s even road signs that say “Clean Fill Wanted”.


Thanks everyone! Lol on the Jersey comments! I appreciate the analysis - unfortunately that week is mostly booked (we’re renting points).

Ack about the July - that’s pretty much what I mentioned to our friends…but I guess that week works best for them.

We’re considering different days…