Jet Blue flights available for Dec 06-Jan 07!


Just checked on Jet Blue and they have their flight schedules up through Jan 07, with decent rates, nothing spectacular yet…

Anyone know which airlines offer “child” airfare rates for little ones? Our DD will be just 4 weeks shy of her 3rd bday in December, so I know she has to have her own seat, but I hate paying full price, when I know she’ll be on my lap most of the time anyway!


I wish they would hurry up with the Fall sales already, Iam getting antzy here.

I need airfare for November!!!
I like the JetBlue is going out of Newark now, I may just try them this year! :happy:

But right now, the airfare is $600.00!!! :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :pirate:

And sorry I dont know of any airline that offers child airfares.


I’m still waiting, I hope it pays in the end. There are some good deals going on right now. From RI to Orlando $900-1200 +/-…



I just booked our JetBlue flight last night because since I posted this thread, the rates from NY JFK to Orlando MCO went up $20 PP each way. I got round trip for 3 from JFK for $700 for 3 of us. If it goes down, I’ll deal with it then, but my husband nearly killed me when I told him the rates already went up. He told me to book it 2 weeks ago when all the press was talking about rising airfare and how the holiday flights would be astronomical.


Good for you…I HATE we have to pay so much for airfare from NY now! Gone are the $149-$160 flights I was so accustomed to!

So, we’re DRIVING in December!!! :cool:


Yikes! I guess that is an option…but it terrifies me! I would have loved to do that, but I’m not so brave. How are you planning to go? Sleeping over anywhere in particular? How long do you have planned for driving?

Gosh, I hope you don’t have a gas guzzler like me…I barely get 13 MPG!


I have a Honda Pilot…supposed to get 17mpg city/22 hwy. Lately, not so much!!! But I found a calculator that told me based on my car and current gas prices, it would only cost me $290 round trip, plus tolls. Plus we save $$ on the rental car, we save $$ on taxis to and from the airport AND no hassle lugging around all of our luggage, kids, car seats, strollers, etc.

We are leaving at 11pm on Saturday 12/2 and we’ll drive straight through…DH will drive at night so I can sleep! :sleeping: I estimate us getting to our resort by about 3pm on 12/3!


Wow, I really thought it would take longer than that…why am I thinking like 2-3 days?


It’s only about 17 hours. Eugene (DH) drove someone’s minivan down in October and met us there for our trip. Don’t even ASK the great time he made!!! (about 14+ hours!!!) He said he didn’t stop at all…just to get caffeinated beverages and to use the bathroom. He drove 11 or 12 miles an hour OVER the posted speed limit. He made RIDICULOUS time. He DEFINITELY won’t be that good on time in December, since he’ll have me and the kids with him! But since we’re leaving at 11pm, they will sleep until about 8 (I hope!). That’s 9 hours while they are sleeping! Then just a few more hours to go…:cool: