Has anyone ever flown Jet-Blue?

Is it really better than the other airlines as the commercials state?

More comfy, etc?


Yes, we liked them very much. The TV’s help alot and they a great to deal with, I am waiting on thier December fares. But bottom line, at this point in time with gas prices soaring whatever airline gets us there cheaper without any stops is the one we use. The way I look at it is I like to save on flights, rental cars, resorts, after we get there what we want we get!. :happy:


I love JetBlue, I would fly them every time if I could. Great seats, your own tv with over 30 channels and nice new planes. If they are anywhere close in price to anyone else, I will fly them.


I’ll argree with that! :happy:


Waaahhhhhhhhhhh… our airport doesn’t have Jet-Blue. I want TV’s!!! Beats listening to DH snoring for almost four hours.


i bet that is awful!!!

I can get tickets for the 3 of us (me, dh, and dd) for 711, roundtrip, which is actually comparable to most of the going rates now, but since we’ve never flown them before i wanted to get some other opinions! :happy:

but your own tv is a HUGE plus! especially with my dd!!!


We love Jetblue. Fly them all the time from JFK. And they’ve just opened up a new route to Portland, Maine, so I’m taking them up there on my trip with Mom in June!


I love Jet Blue. I have flown them to Orlando and to JFK in NY. Their staff is always very friendly and fun and the tvs are great. I tend to be a nervous flyer and having the tv to keep me distracted even during takeoff and landing is a BIG help.

Try the Terra Blue chips they offer as a snack - yum!



I use them all the time. Just was on them last week to WDW and back. Great flight. Great price


I wish Jetblue flew out of Philly


Gotta L :heart: VE JetBlue!!! I was on one of their VERY first flights to Orlando back in 2000! Boy, does time fly.

I am taking JetBlue to Nassau, Bahamas in 1 day and 10 hours!!! :cool: