Jet Blue!



If you fly Jet Blue and have book your flight, constantly go back and check the price. If it has dropped call immediately for a credit. My August flight dropped 3x (total of $45 a ticket) and i got the credit each time.

I do not know if any other airlines do this but for Jetblue it works and is awesome!!


Thanks for the heads up! I booked a flight on Friday and it went down already!! Got myself a 40$ credit just now!!!


Good for you! Keep an eye out in case it goes down further!!


Thanks for the info!


I noticed my flight went down AGAIN!! Got another 10$ credit!!


Outstanding! Mine has begun drifting back up so I suspect that I may be done but hey $45 a seat for a group of 7 is not bad money! :laugh:


That is awesome! I have only flown Jet Blue once in my life b/c I get SOOO many points on Continental by traveling BUT I think I am ready to book Jet Blue for our December airfare b/c (total) it will save us $145! AND, that’s GREAT to know if the fare gets even CHEAPER I can ask for a credit. Cool!


I have not heard of any other airline that does this!:cool:


Either have I, that’s awesome to know! :happy:


South West has done this for us on pas trips.


Good to know! Thank you!!


We love Jet Blue and that’s one of the reasons


SWA does this …no charge to get lower fare,they place it in ticketless travel funds good for a year ,that is why in most cases I just book it and if it seems high ,it will go lower and i get the credit,they just released the customer satisfaction ratings for alot of companies and SWA did outstanding best of all airlines


And you can get credited if it keeps going down too!!

I booked our August airfare (for Dh and I for our No-Kids trip) on Friday for 119$ outbound, 94$ inbound. The Inbound hasn’t changed but the outbound has changed twice! Once to 99$ and I called and got credited and today it dropped to 94$ and I called and got credited again!! Now I have 50$ credit that I can use to book our January flight!


It’s really too bad that Southwest doesn’t fly out of the airports that we fly out of (the closest to us is Philly and that’s 3 hrs from my house), I’d love to try them!! But since they don’t fly by us then we’ll take JetBlue!


SWA is constantly expanding,they now from what I understand fly out of NY…and later this ummer they are adding Boston …they are now going to markets that didn’t seem possible years ago…but what I like is the simplicity of it all…bags free,ticket price adjustments,simple but friendly service,and for the most part ontime…i just like the KISS method keep it simple stupid…works for me unfortuneatly our next trip we are using AA…stilltrying to use all of our advantage miles up…just using them i s complex…not to mention baggage fees


Unfortunately it is not true that they are in NY. They only fly a few flights out of a small airport on Long Island. It is a bummer!!:crying:


thanks for the update,I maybe heard that they were in negotiations for laguardia…but I could be wrong …if the other airlines keep cooperating they will be there soon…


I think there are a few flights out of laguardia too but I couldn’t find any direct… they all had a layover in Baltimore.