Jet blue!


hahaha yesssss i am good! i just got tix to orlando from JFK new york 79 bucks each way!


DD got the same deal this past Monday for our Oct Trip - when are you going?


Great Deal !


Actually, I just booked on Southwest for $79 each way also, and that’s while they were advertising on tv $99 each way.


Another great deal. Curious, what were flights costing a few days ago? And was that a non stop.

I’ve been looking for my DS. From Philly, a few days ago his flight coming home was 99, now it’s 154. He got a 99 flight going down (now 121) but it’s late afternoon and it will most likely miss our family dinner at Ohana. We are hoping an earlier flight going down will drop in price.


Yes, it’s non-stop. These prices have been $79 for a couple of weeks. I had originally found the $79 and then couldn’t get myself to book (my first solo trip), so then a couple weeks later I see $99 advertised and my curiousity was up to see what the original flight I had chosen gone up to, and the rate was $79. I took it as a sign and booked.


i’ll be there oct 27th through nov 3rd