JetBlue Airways


I wanted to know is Jet Blue is cheapest airline?And the website is it is the website is correct:confused:


JetBlue isn’t always the least expensive. It depends on where you are going. JetBlue has great service, live TV in every chair, great free snacks, and no cart in the isle if you need to get up during the flight. Drawbacks, you may need to fly through JFK to get to the West coast. There maybe a more direct flight on a different airline. ie. SWA, Airtran. I hope this helps.



This website for jetblue is correct JetBlue


My answer would be…sometimes. is correct website. Sometimes their fares are really good & other times they are sky-high. A lot depends on when you are flying & how far out you are booking Jet Blue. We have flown them & love the tvs, but not enough to sell our souls for the seats. Our Southwest Airport is at least 2 &1/2 hours away, but many times that factoring in driving, staying over in hotel & parking and doing reverse on return is still $400+ less than flying JetBlue out of airport 20 miles from home. I don’t know where you are flying from, but Southwest, AirTran & JetBlue are the airlines I check from Central New York. Also might want to try adjusting your days if you can. For February our return flights dropped $100 per person for a Thursday return vs. Wednesday return. For $300 +taxes, DS will miss an extra day of school! Airfare takes time, patience & luck to find “cheapest” & no one airline, discount label or not, will always be cheapest. Hope this helps!


It’s helps alot because we are flying to Orlando in February and I don’t know the cost from Fort Lauderdale to Orlando is?:confused:


The price can change daily, you just have to keep checking the web site until you see a price that works for you.


thanks DisneyTeacher for the info!