JetBlue making me nervous


JetBlue is starting service from CT to Orlando starting in Nov. For our Dec trip I booked SW on the flight down and JB for the return flight. Even though I LOVE SW, I was looking forward to seeing what JB was like. But now I’m getting nervous. Since booking 3 weeks ago, they’ve already changed my flight time 3 times! Does anyone know if this is common with them?


I fly JetBlue all the time out of JFK and most of the time the flight time never change but occasionly they move the light time multiple times. My flight to Orlando last Dec actually was changed three times and ended up leaving 1 hour after the original flight time. But that was a rarity in my experience.


I fly to Fl, anywhere from1 to 3 times a year for the last five years on Jet Blue out of Newark NJ and I have never had a problem with them. In all the times I’ve flown with them they have never changed my flight times. I guess I was lucky over the years.


Look at it this way… If they move your flight to a later one back from the World it is more Mickey time for everyone.


All the airlines do schedule changes. That’s nothing new.

I’m doing JB on 11/20 (right after they start out of BDL) on my return trip from MCO. It started at 6pm but now we don’t leave until 8:15 pm which is great!!! More time at the World.

I’m taking Southwest down because JB doesn’t start until 11/17 and I’m leaving 11/12.

I’m looking forward to flying them.


Our flight time was changed three times last feb on Jet Blue out of Dulles to Orlando just would have got us there early.


We have flown Jetblue numerous times, and once they did change our flight time, but it was by about 30 minutes, so it wasn’t a big deal. We love JetBlue. You have nothing to worry about.


my experience is once you are inside the 30 day window …there are very,very few flight changes,the farther out the greater chance it gets that it will be changed


We love JetBlue, and haven’t had any trouble with them. They have changed our flight times, but always just minor changes. I hope everything turns out great for you!


They are probably doing that because this is a new airport and they are unsure of there flight times yet. Don’t worry jetBlue is very professional and i’m sure they will be fine! enjoy your trip.


Love JetBlue because they will notify you in advance of flight changes… unlike other airlines that let you discover the news when you get to the airport!


jet blue is a very good airline…hopefully they will stay that way


On a side note, we recently flew Jet Blue outof and back into JFK. There is a JetBlue-only terminal, so it’s like having a little private plane experience: you arrive, you sweep through bag check, you enjoy entertainment in the lobby, your gate is close, your bags arrive when you do… easy to get spoiled with that kind of service. And I love having my own TV.


that is like here in san diego …gates1-2 are separate and there is never a line at security and they have a small baggage area …very personal and almost private


I did JetBlue on my last trip down. we had no prolbems with flights that i believe, only thing we didn’t know was that you had pick your seats before the flight. So on the way on everyone was together but on the way back home my mom & i were near the back while my grandma & my brother were at the front. That was our fault because we’re so use to flying southwest & never had worry about our seats. I did enjoy having a tv while flying it made it feel like the time was going faster then before.


I have flown with them several times and never had a problem. Sounds like normal airline stuff to me. At least its not cancelled.


I’ll be flying with JetBlue in January and I was getting nervous because no etickets email was coming in… So I wrote an email to Disney and they answered me I would only be able to print my etickets 24 hours prior to my departure. Usually (with others companies) I get my etickets MONTHS prior departure… so why only 24 hours with JetBlue??


When a route is new they change frequently trying to iron out passenger load. Some flights change times. Others are canceled and some are added. It’s normal in the first few months of a route no matter the airline. Since it just started in November I would not be surprised to see changes up to the day before.


We have to fly Delta or Northwest and there never are any tickets, period. Just a confirmation number. Then 24 hours before the flight, we check in.

in other words, I would not worry!


We have flown JB a few times and love it. Unfortunately they do not fly out of IND or we would fly with them a lot more often!