JetBlue....go figure!


I pulled the trigger for our April 08 WDW trip! I
know its early but I don’t see it getting any lower
then what it is today. You would think that all
future trips would get more expensive just because
of that fact. But check this out, April 07 I paid
over $1500.00 for the four of us!:eek: For our
Christmas 07 trip I paid over $1100.00:crying:
for a trip with a layover (never again) And for this
upcoming trip both ways non-stop I am paying
a shade under $900.00.:huh: I know we have all
had the REAL good rates in the past, but I guess
everything is relative huh? On the Southwest thread
I said that I once got a rate of $54.00 one way and
$108.00 round trip X four, $471.00 total! Dem days
are gone. That was the only time that using Southwest
made sense for us because of parking and or a towncar.
I think DDoll got the same rate also. Oh well I have the
plane fare done with and one less obstacle to climb.:happy:


Hey Franco, I think you got a really good deal.

I always have a layover, since my first leg takes me from our small town airport to Chicago or Detroit.
I have never paid under $1500 for 4 people.
This year I had to make a change and was dinked 100.00 per person for the return trip changes. Had I changed the outgoing flight as well, it would have cost me 225.00 per ticket :eek:

Congrats on starting the process of trip planning again.
Will you stay at SoG again this time?


Yes we really like the quiet side of SOG its
a good fit for us, da boys are on thier own
and Helena and I just chill out. We really
only see da boys at breakfast and dinner.:laugh:


That is great.
I suggested to my teenagers that they could have fun without us at WDW, but they didn’t want to hear of it.
They also don’t want to go there at all as it interferes with opening day of deer season and what not:ohmy:


It could be worse! :laugh:

You could pay $1,100 per person coach to make this flight: :pinch:

PGO - HNL 5 hour red eye flight
2 1/2 hour layover, immigration & Customs in Hawaii
HNL - LAX 5 hour flight

LAX - HNL 5 hour flight
4 hour layover
HNL - PGO 5 hour flight
Arrive around 10:00 p.m., go through Immigration & Customs in high humidity.


You can’t mess with the opening day of deer season!!! Just kidding, buy DH would totally understand their feelings!


Hey Franco,

If you don’t mind my asking what are the dates for your April trip. My cousin is planning a trip April 2008 and everytime I check flights, it has been really, really high. You got a good deal for sure!



Hey Karen We are going April 11-22 08 is where I got it, but I just
looked for you and the first leg of the trip
bos/mco has already gone up $20.00 pp
since I booked it,the return stayed the same.
I look everyday and I see no rhyme or reason.


Thanks, Franco. I’ll just have to keep looking. My cousin is planning on going the following week (school vacation) and the prices are crazy!

I never see any rhyme or reason either.


I feel you. Its about as bad here. We are looking at between 4000-5000 for tickets for the three of us and its like 19 hours for the flights. There are two layovers minimum as well plus customs. Im not looking forward to it since it was a pain flying over here and Elyse was just five months. When we go back for vacation she is going to be almost two.


We will be in the same boat for April, I fear. I think we will pay much more than ever. Haven’t pulled the trigger yet but probably soon!


The airfare is always my LEAST favorite part of planning any WDW trip (or any trip for that matter!) I’m always nervous that a week after I bite the bullet and buy the tickets, the prices will go way down. Or that if I keep waiting, the prices will go up.

Right now the week in April that my cousin is going has absolutely ridiculuos fares, so I am keeping my fingers crossed. It’s so crazy that it was just 2 years ago that I got tickets for $130 roundtrip from Boston!


Hey Skwak, where do you fly out of?


I am going April 11th-19th. I really prefer to fly non-stop (only)out of RI but Southwest isn’t booking that far out yet. I just checked Jetblue and I got $1155.20 for 4 r/t.
I know that is a good rate but leaving from Boston means a Peter Pan bus from Prov. I hope Southwest doesn’t burn me!


Flying during school vacations is not an option for us, tickets are approx $400 per person and there is 5 of us. Short of driving, the only option to is take the kids out of school. . . which I justify by saying that we can make the trip educational (World Showcase) and it a lifetime experience (even though we go more often than once in a lifetime, each trip is different)

Congrats on your airfare and your upcoming trips!


We can fly out of any NYC area airport. April 18th till the 26th is just killing me. I check 3x a day every day!:eek:


I just booked my flight for my August 2008 trip for 4 adults and two kids under 4 I’m playing $1700.00 on Continental. This is the first time in all my trips that I’m paying over $200 per ticket. Got to love those raising gas prices!


September 22 I paid a little less than $1000.00
for the four of us. October 23 the price is now
$1855.20!:ohmy: For our April '08 trip.