Jiko for two, or two alternatives?


After last trip, we decided we were just not too crazy about using two TS credits for some of the higher end dinners and this trip have limited our “doubles” to Narcoosees, our favorite WDW restaurant.

We have alot of flexibility, as we are staying for 12 days and booked great places at 90 days, including Le Cellier. Friends we are going with have added a day to their trip, giving them an extra TS credit to use up. We have booked at Jiko our last night, but now are considering using our Kouzzina reservations for the same night and adding another TS dinner, cancelling our Jiko ADR. So, that would mean no Jiko, but we would go to (hopefully) Sanaa AND Kouzzina.

Now, the Kouzzina menu is out and isn’t exactly what I was expecting, but…I think it would be fun to try, being brand new and all.

What do you think? Does Jiko rate a 2 (not concerning prices, just experience wise?)

And is Sanaa a good substitute?


I didn’t think Jiko warranted 2 credits.


Boss, I was hoping that you would reply, but can you expound on your answer?


It’s a hard call. If you do chose Jiko, make sure to sit at the kitchen counter. While the restaurant is very attractive, watching the kitchen staff “perform” on stage adds to the experience. And you won’t get a pistachio creme brulee anywhere else.
I haven’t tried Sanaa yet, but the pictures I’ve seen look similar to Boma.


I’m guessing that he found the menu to be less than thrilling, or maybe he was behind a wall in one of the psuedo-cubicles and didn’t have a good view of the whole dining room.
But this is only a guess.